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Asus aims at Apple TV with LAN-linked set-top box

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No wireless?


Coyote Systems Mini Coyote


@Carl Williams

I'm going to work on the principle that you have passed your driving test; do you check your mirrors whilst driving (as opposed to when you put your make-up on)? How long does it take? It's just a fraction of a second isn't it, same with the speedo. Any experienced driver should be able to check their speed without any impact on their driving and any experienced driver should be able to guestimate their current speed if their actions (they lift or depress the gas pedal) or the road conditions (they meet a hill) cause a change in speed.

If you need one of these devices to check your speed you need some further tuition and to re-take your test as you are a danger to yourself and all other road users.

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I always find that the best way to check my speed is within the speed-limit is to use the speedometer, which those nice motor manufacturers already include in all cars, and observation of road-side signs which indicate the _maximum_ speed allowed on a stretch of road. Combine that with further observation of the current conditions to provide the _safe_ driving speed. Simples.

£200+ saved ;-)

Cisco Linksys Media Hub 500GB home NAS

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Way too expensive

No AV out

Subscription web service

HP breaks Japanese excessive packaging record

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Or at the other end of the scale

I purchased a new HDD from play.com. when it arrived it was just in a flimsy plastic envelope. No bubble-wrap or padding of any description. Hate to think what it's been put through as it passed along the post office system. Straight back it went.

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