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Digital River makes total hash of Windows 7 upgrade offer

steven ross

Still no serial number

Worked through the errors caused by unpacking a 64bit install on a 32bit system, built a usable ISO using 3rd party tools and instructions but still have no serial number! Nothing on the invoice, emails or online account.

Quite possibly the most cack handed software distribution I've ever seen.

Academics gripe about Windows 7 promo collapse

steven ross

Total fiasco

Didnt receive email notification that download was now available.

Managed to log into account and get the download to work but no sign of serial anywhere.

I'm having the extraction/permissions problem that people seem to be having.

So I am now left with some random unusable files and no serial number.

Quality service.

O2 starts 3G iPhone stampede - and runs away

steven ross

No bother here

Noticed the email about 11.30, clicked through and it processed order straight away with no problems. Confirmation emails came through shortly after.

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