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BT's giant new faster broadband boxes blocked

Olly Simmons

Seinfeld, Ep 116


Hollywood prepares to battle Asteroids

Olly Simmons

Nice pitch

Like that plot outline, except that's the plot from The Last Starfighter isn't it ?

Billy Bragg: Three-strikes lobbying is 'shameful'

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Neither do I, but music can't ever be free as if it were why would people bother to write it. At present a recording artist can be a full time job, if you're good at it. But if you can't earn your crust from it then you have to go out and get a paying job, but you'll have to battle with the music execs, who will also be in the job market.

Free music is a nice idea, but the economics just don't work. Unless you've already grown fat off of the paying side of it and can afford to give it away for free.

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Yeah, cause people don't want to pay for music, that's why Itunes went down the bog. Oh no wait, it didn't, not quite got your facts right there have we Billy.

Virgin Media to dump neutrality and target BitTorrent users

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Moments of Clarity

"Virgin are to target bittorent"

"Virgin Media is known to be in advanced talks to launch a legal, licensed peer-to-peer music service"

Hmmmm clearing the way for their own service methinks?? This sounds like a bit of an abuse of a monopoly to me. "If you're on our network you have to use our music service, now gimme your credit card."

Ofcom: No premium numbers for previous offenders

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OK so let me get this straight, if someone has used a number to con ppl before, then they won't be able to get one again........unless they turn up with a different trading name and a different director?!?!

When they dreamed up this idea did they really think that a con artist would be honest when applying for a number they were going to use dis-honestly?

Swing and a miss OFCOM

Sky told to hand over footy and film rights

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Last year I would have probably agreed, because prem plus was a bit cheeky. But now Setanta have got all of the England away games not to mention a lot of the other stuff they managed to steal from Sky.

It wouldn't be so bad if they had their own delivery platform, but I'm buggered if i'm going to pay the BBC for a TV license, sky for a sky plus box and subscription AND setanta to get englands away games, screw that!!

UK faces long wait for faster number porting

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Does it just keep the last jump?

I've changed networks 3 times now and kept the number. Does that mean my calls travel through 3 other networks before they hit my current? That's insane!!

Rogue SF sysadmin may cost city over $1m

Olly Simmons

Why Managers should not get superuser access

"....is accused of creating a super password"

and to hide it he no doubt chose the username "administrator"

They'd be better off spending that cash on some education courses for the current crowd of idiots.

Portsmouth punts naval boy-on-boy to innocent kiddies

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"....so I have to stop reading here and clear my cache"

Call it what you want but it'll make you go blind.

Wireless browsers shut out of the Olympics

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Re: Pain in the backside

If you have VPN access then log in on remote desktop and watch it from there. OK the frame rate might not be quite as good but it will work.

VIA heralds end of third-party PC chipset biz

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Re: VIA, before you go...

One week?!?!?!? You lucky sod, I lost that on my first VIA mobo, and I had at least three others that were worse. Alas the things you do when the wallet is light.

Mystery over Verisign boss' shock exit

Olly Simmons
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natural tipping point

..and he was in the bit that got "tipped". Hire 'em cheap push 'em out before you have to give them a pay review.

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