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Apple patent may foretell an end to iPhone autocorrect Tourette's

Mike Fishcake


Just to add to the messages earlier on - I'd be interested to see what differences there are between what Apple is suggesting and what Android SwiftKey already does. I've been using SwiftKey for ages and it beats the hell out of regular predictive text.

Mike T


Boozers rejoice - it's the USB wine tap!

Mike Fishcake


As I explained on another forum when this topic was brought up...

After researching this, I've found that it's not a hoax, although there's more to it than meets the eye:

As well as the USB adapter, your computer needs to meet the Bluetooth V3.01 specification (not the traditional bluetooth) because the bandwidth provided by bluetooth 3.01 has sufficient bandwidth to manipulate the molecules of the "base liquid" (a "programmable" juice if you will) supplied by the manufacturers. You also need to attach a pump for the aforementioned base liquid to your computer, which needs to be plugged into the mains.

Although this technology is revolutionary, there hasn't been a "fanfare" release, as the manufacturers are trying to come up with anti-copying technology, due to already being under threat from "drink piracy". There are many P2P networks out there where the users are illegally trading wines and other usb-based alchoholic drinks. These programmes go by such names as GrapeTorrent, WineWire and BeerShare.



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