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Hybrid fusion-fission reactors to run on nuclear 'sludge'

Phil Clemow

Venting the steam ...

Really depends how much control you have over the fusion reaction, if there isnt much control, imagine that you have the generator producing the peak energy for the day, then imagine how much steam you have to vent at night?

Global warming through a more direct route :)

Phil Clemow

@AC 15.02

If you read the article (carefully, that means ALL of the words) tokamaks already exist, they just dont produce power, they consume it (making them useless power plants).

The hope is that modifying them this way will allow them to produce power, or at least use less and get rid of the waste.

As for fusion being the solution? Yes, it probably is one of them, but I would suspect it would have exactly the opposite problem to wind, in that the output couldnt be changed to match supply (as opposed the output changing too much) as this would destabalise the reaction.

So ... like everything else ... its not the complete solution


Take a hammer to your hard drive, shrieks Which?

Phil Clemow

Smash it with a hammer?

Clearly the solution is to turn the drive into a flea

put the flea into a box ... put that box into another box ... mail it to yourself ... and when it arrives ...



If you want 100% confidence the data is destroyed that is, most of us are content with less that 100%.

If you want 100% confidence in things, you best not leave the house, cos you cant be 100% sure you want explode if you do ...


Tesla takes Top Gear test to task

Phil Clemow

Hydrogen Cars? Come off it!

Find me a good way to get hold of hydrogen cheaply and easily, store it and transport it and maybe ... maybe I'll accept the fuel cell car

Until that time, why dont we work on batteries, make them charge faster, that being the only real failing of the battery car.

As for top gear ... clarkson was pretty encouraging on the tesla, he was no more negative than any car hes put in ... he ALWAYS finds some fault, in a porsche, a ferrari, whatever.


Which is the best mainstream gaming GPU?

Phil Clemow

More Ram

Not sure on the graphics card choice but I would suggest that first stop is more RAM, it is cheap as chips and should give you a good boost on those games.

I run a 1.8Ghz Core 2 Duo, 3gb of ram and a HD3850 and get good performance for those games at 1680x1050 (satisfies me anyway), you have to turn down the graphics to get crysis (and by extension crysis warhead and far cry 2) running well but ... who doesnt?!

From all accounts the 3850 and 4670 are similar performance, so with that card I'd say you can run these games and games in years to come, as long as you have more ram, and from a quick perusal of the web, the 4670 also beats the 8600GT.


Daylight savings shift to cause phone havoc Down Under

Phil Clemow

A website? Genius

a website for when im confused about what time it is? PERFECT

along with ones to tell me If its christmas


or if the LHC has destroyed the world yet ...


my useful website list just keeps growing


The Google-isation of all the net's access points

Phil Clemow
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Mouse Gestures is all I miss

Looks like a pretty good browser; very VERY fast as has been mentioned, got all my settings and stuff from firefox easily (including all my saved passes, slightly disturbing!) and I have yet to find a site it doesn't work with correctly, hell, its nice not to have to install flash on a fresh browser.

I haven't tried it yet, but it also looks like it will suit my EEE 701 and its tiny screen too :)

BUT, much like whenever I try any new browser, I miss mouse gestures so so much!

oh, and you can't add anything to the spell checker, so firefox will have to retain its red wriggly underline


Research: Wind power pricier, emits more CO2 than thought

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Re: Yes, it's not on most of the time.

Capacity factor of a 1/3 means that over a year it will produce roughly 1/3 of its theoretical maximum

ie. a 1GW generator will not produce 24GWhrs a day ... but 8GWhrs ...

this is NOT the same as producing full power for 1/3 of the time and nothing for the rest!

yes power scales as wind speed cubed ... but there is control capability to smooth that out at low wind speeds ... and at medium high wind speeds the generator maxes out power wise so the controls are designed to limit power output

As has been said (countless times!) the solution lies in a nice mixture

In my opinion its something like

Wind turbines ... lots ... offshore by preference ... perhaps with wave power mixed in using the structures as a base

Hydro and Tidal ... as much as we can manage

nuclear ... lots ... we need to find somewhere to store the crap though

Import links ... we'll need some of these

New technology ... we need to keep looking

Storage ... we desperately need some good storage

Phil Clemow

Everythings Rubbish no

Wind is too unreliable

Solar is too expensive

Demand management is too much like hard work

Nuclear is too risky

and so on ...

No renewable solution is perfect, and chances are we wont be able to live exactly how we do now, but, even if global warming Isn't happening, we WILL run out of coal/oil/etc at some point and we ought to be doing something about it.

I sometimes wonder when people will stop slating the current crop of renewable ideas and either help improve them or design their successors.

Wind is the best we have at the moment, so building wind is a good idea. When someone comes along with a better idea, we'll talk about it.



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