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IT pay jumps as skills gap widens


Accountants are to blame ...

CBI dont care

Employers dont care

They just want to off-shore - its a fad ...has no real-world relevance

Poor sods left supporting the "entry-level" know-nothings will (as someone said) burn out ...

Your company doesnt care the have an off-shore centre of (non-)excellence

Q Is it better to have UK expert cost £X or 10 Off-shore "trainees" cost £X/20

A the latter if they can do the job ....but (from experience) they seldom can

==> False (no) economy



ETS apologises for online marking blunders – again


No longer surprised

Why is Boston still in a job?

Why pay ETS for clearly not doing what they undertook to do?

- Oh we wont say anymore then perhaps it will all go away... head bucket sand

Until it hurts people to get it wrong, what is the incentive for getting it right?

From the Beeb today http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/education/7509980.stm , things just look to be getting worse

And as for the clown who awarded this shower the contract..... probably been promoted

Sad thing is this has become the norm....mediocrity is now acceptable


Google a broken hell for five-year-olds


@Solyanik says

Hmmmm! Geat real - it depends on the code. and the developer.

But what a concept ....Software that never works as advertised = Successful IT


Top airline bosses launch assault on airport ID card plan


Who is kidding who ?

Scarey thing about this is that despite past performance they really believe that they are capable of delivering an ID system - yeah !

At the moment you can argue the toss about whether you are who you claim to be of if you identity has been stolen.

Once there is a system, "it will always be right"

As the bad guys are always better than the good guys ..with the Gov's IT "specialst" a distant 3rd we would have the worst of all worlds.

Once your ID is hijacked/lost/stolen/given away ... (left in a train ?) you're a gonna



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