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Plasma space-drive aces efficiency numbers: Set for ISS in 2014

David Dawson

It approximates

to somewhere between 0 and sweet f*** all I think.

Whatever happened to "Give me a fulcrum, and I shall move the world."??

There was a man with vision.

Anywho, well done to the chaps.

Opera Mobile 10.1 lands 'Carakan' engine on Symbian

David Dawson

How do you make money out of it?

They've said they aren't going to inject adverts in...

.... beyond my ken.

Beer 'O clock.

Android flaw poses drive-by data slurp risk

David Dawson

I agree on every point, but...

As you say, HTC sense actually ain't that bad.

Of all the manufacturers, HTC has delivered 2.2 on many of its handsets, whereas the many of the ones shipping (mostly) vanilla android haven't yet done so.

And then we have motorola and sony ericsson, who are leaving people stuck on 1.6.

Not sure what the point of this comment was really. I agree I think.

US Army's new $0.5bn British airship will fly 'mid-next summer'

David Dawson
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Airships to Vikings

Via the AK47s, the US Military Industrial Complex Iphones and the state of public transport.

Sir, I salute your dedication.

Google open sources Apache server speed mod

David Dawson

re: erm....... ..

The gpl license requires that you provide source code with any binary, and allow further modifications.

Since any binaries stay firmly within Google-land, there is no requirement to distribute the source to anyone.

And in any case, Apache HTTPD use the _Apache_ license, which has no modified source distribution clauses.

So Google can do whatever the hell they want with it.

I rose to the trolling..... am I going to hell?

Child porn victims seek multimillion-dollar payouts

David Dawson

a picture of a child being abused

I think it is right that it is illegal to possess, without a damn good reason, pictures.of a child being abused. With legal penalties for it. Unlike normal porn, and as mentioned, possession of this type of image does cause abuse to occur, due to the grouping of the people involved.

It is not simply a picture. It is an imcitement.

As for paedophilia being hard wired, that may be. I propose castration. I have two bricks here and would be willing to perform this service for the common good.

Microsoft's Azure cloud plan favors Java

David Dawson

Java in the cloud

Google App Engine?

Java lobby lowers Android and iPhone defenses

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Microsoft and Oracle lose among open sourcers

David Dawson

Developing RIA

using C/C++.

Sorry ... I don't follow.....

are you completely sure about that ... ?

Microsoft, 'open' data, and the curse of open source

David Dawson

How many programmers make ..

Shrink wrapped software? Hmm? Stand up at the back!

Ok . . . last I heard it was less than 10%, closer to 5% of all coders make over the counter stuff that would be affected in the way described here.

Every one else works in a situation where, whether the deployment is to the cloud, a local server rack or the wind up radio in the corner, they will code and be paid some fixed rate for it, either salary or contract.

Embedding some apis in the OS to access twitter will make no difference to this, and no difference to the vast majority of programming.

Maybe 'Software House' would be a better term?

Also, the idea that the APIs will be the same across windows mobile, palm and apple stuff is, frankly, laughable, so one of the points of this article is kind of off a bit.

Google ratchets interweb 3D on Windows

David Dawson
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Integrate it into wine!

It should improve the directx to opengl mapping that goes on in there. Ooh, and maybe virtual box as well, while we're at it, so you can play directx games inside the vm that map to the opengl calls on the linux/ bsd host.

Subterranean hive mammals may offer cancer cure

David Dawson

I for one

welcome our naked, randy octogenarian overlords; or their rat familiars.

NewsNow tells newspapers: Lay off the legal action

David Dawson

Ericsson IPX

Ericsson IPX has been around for years for doing payments through mobiles. The big news here is that they are trying to get publishers to pay top dollar for it.

They could go with one of the other systems (of which there are many), Pay4It was the supposed standard, and was implemented by at least 2 sms aggregators that I know of (I worked on the project for 1 of them) although it never seemed to get that much traction in the market.

Machine rebellion begins: Killer robot destroyed by US jet

David Dawson

Posted in science?

Surely, it should be Rise of the Machines.


(and don't call me Shirley).

Ofcom works out why Wi-Fi doesn't work

David Dawson

I'd hope it wasn't the microwaves

Otherwise the faraday cages they are wrapped in are broken, and we're all on the way to sterility . . .

Angelina Jolie spied with Palm Pré

David Dawson



Windows 7 and the Linux lesson

David Dawson
Gates Halo

Where's that on the quadrant?

Yes! open source it! Turn a cash cow into a . . . what exactly?

For all the other things Microsoft do, Windows and Office make the vast majority of its money. No matter that it takes an age to do a release, they are still creaming huge margins off the current software.

Register readers on software development

David Dawson

Neither java, nor .net broken out?

Is this really about software development? Or the use of rather arbitrarily defined language groupings?

C# shares some common syntax with C/ C++ granted, but so does java and javascript.

They are not bedfellows.

The defining characteristic of C# is the .net runtime, which it shares with any other .net languages that have no apparent similarity with C. This is similar with Java, the defining characteristic is the java runtime, which is shared with all the other languages that can run on the jvm., although it is not as well publicized, as the Java language is so dominant.

As hinted at in a previous comment (my uncle is called ALAN . .), managed code (.NET and Java, along with many scripting environments) and unmanaged code (C/C++ et al) address very different concerns, and this should form part of the analysis, otherwise you are missing fundamental parts of todays software development landscape.

Lumping C# in with C/C++ is, at best, showing a lack of understanding of what C# is, and at worst, lying with stats.

Missing out java is frankly bizarre (but I'm a Java dev, so I'll admit I'm biased on that one).


Firefox exploit sends Mozilla into 'high-priority fire drill' mode

David Dawson

java != javascript

The similarity in name was a marketing ploy. The two languages have nothing in common beyond a bit of syntax they both got from C.

Microsoft boffins devise 'secure' Gazelle browser

David Dawson

When did . . .

DOM/ Javascript, the underpinnings of 'Web 2.0', become legacy . . . ?

Java and Linux - an open marriage in search of success

David Dawson

Whats the point

As you say, Java is king of the server side, or at least crown prince in a succession crisis with .net. However I question the point you are making, first saying that we don't have standardisation in the java world (which I would dispute on a practical level), and secondly, apparently arguing for the tck to be open sourced and that we should embrace the subsequent forking.

Which would you like, more standardisation, or less?

I would also ask the question as to what a java developer thinks of as his deployment platform. I don't tend to think of 'linux', 'windows', 'solaris' etc I think java 5, java 6. Especially on app servers, the java platform has done a good job of insulating the coders from the operating system.

I like it, it makes me happy, I don't think of the OS that much in my day to day work, does that make my stuff non-native?

The madness of 'king cores

David Dawson

Moores Law for the pedant

"Moore's Law" was an observation that the number of transistors roughly doubled every 2 years. This is not performance per se.

Do not pass go, do not collect £200, the bank has lost it playing the stock market.

Japanese military shamed by USB device

David Dawson

Pedants all

"This is the sort of bloody nonsense up with which I will not put."

(Thanks Churchill, you tell 'em)


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