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Sony said to be planning Spring PS3 price cut



If they dropped the price by £100 I would get one, like Steve and Scott there are some games I would like to play on the PS4 but having owned an 360 for a few years I'm quite happy with it, its never had the red ring of death and the games are at a level now where you can go into town and pick two up 2nd hand for the price of a new game. Therefore I think its you that needs a reality check as £300 for a console isn't worth it while the global economic crisis is on.

Prosecutors gather evidence on secret BT-Phorm trials


Catch 22

If hell does freeze over and BT does cop a big fine what are the chances that the people they 'tapped' foot the bill either in higher broadband charges or line rental?

Apple slapped for dodgy ads


Flash = Annoying Sites

Look at the dilbert site, they made that all flash and it takes forever to load even on a decent connection.

Thank goodness for www.dilbert.com/fast

Also should every site offer a non flash / non java site to comply with disabilities?


Give me strength

Wow 2 people complained........no one in their right mind believes what advertises tell them, they are paid to sprout complete bo11ox5. Who believes that if you don't have BT broadband your relationship will breakdown because your using non BT broadband? I might as well go trip in the foyer and make a claim whilst phoning Ocean finance to sort out my finances.

Surely more people complained about that loan company advert with the retard wanting to watch the footie or the geordie "Josh, Daddys found your scooter"

Apple faces lawsuit over wobbly 3G claims

Paris Hilton

iPhone still good with latest firmware

My iPhone is pretty good at locking onto 3g in the towns (I live in the Lakes) so I have no qualms about that and the call volume is perfectly good too, I have on the default setting and never needed to change it.

I'm still very happy with it and Paris because i'd be happy with her too rather then complaining about how loud she is or isn't.

Another day, another iPhone fix

Thumb Up

iPhone = iGreat

seen as pretty much everyone is putting the small i in front of words i may as well join in. I've had my iphone for a month now and apart from a few 3rd party apps crashing its been great - best phone i've ever had since the Nokia 7110.

Just about to put the latest firmware on

Apple faithful snared in phishing scam targeting Mac.com users


@ Matt 14th August 2008 01:19

A lot of Mac users aren't as technically gifted as some of the people on here, my mother for instance can only use my MacBookPro because I showed her how to put what she was looking for in google, she wouldn't know what phishing is or how it works and to be honest I don't think she is gonna start learning about it now.

Your making the same assumption as mozilla and apple in thinking that the user is not an idiot, rule number 1 when designing software is treat the user as an idiot.

Apple's fourth Leopard spits out 25 patches



<quote>I take it you mean "cue"?</quote>

I take it you have never seen Fawlty Towers........

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