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Google makes Gmail search accessible to all comers



Finally, I've been wanting to define a date range to search in for... well, almost since they launched. I don't really like the autocomplete, though I don't know why.

Rail companies roll out barcode ticket standard

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This is the part that bothers me...

"Masabi's Java application stores the customer's credit card details locally, so the user just keys in the three-digit code from the back of their card along with origin and destination, and the ticket is bought and delivered over SMS or data connection where available."

I don't want my CC number stored on my phone, or sent via SMS or 3G/GPRS or wifi or whatever when I don't know if or how it's encrypted.

TSA seizes pre-flight terrorist screening

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Okay, I know I'm being picky. But "in a much-delayed bid to net less infants, Senators, and other innocent travelers" - fewer, not less!

If it's something you can count, like people, it's fewer. If it's something you can't count, like water, it's less.

Bugs me no end...

OMFG, what have you done?

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More of the good old icons are back!

Well done, El Reg :)

Oh, and regarding the suggestions made by AC (Close...): I don't agree, really. I'd like to see (almost) all stories appear on the front page first, as well as in their respective categories - so yes, the categories act as a filter. I want to be able to the front page, and see all the new stuff, rather than having to drill down into all the subcategories to see if there's anything interesting in any of them that I might want to read.

And finally, to those complaining about those complaining about fixed width:

(1) Yes, not maximising your browser helps, but remember that non-fixed width works for everyone; fixed-width doesn't, or requires adaptation of your normal habits;

and (2) fixed width isn't just a problem for bigger screens, but also for smaller screens (most of the complainers about complainers don't seem to be realising this simple fact)


Line spacing

So I've been getting used to the new layout, but there's something still bothering me (apart from the flame icon, and I haven't dared try it on my mobile yet).

The line spacing is wrong, particularly on the main page. Somehow it makes it look spacious and crowded at the same time. And I just figured out why: there's too much vertical space between the lines of an article heading, but not enough space between articles. So the article category, the header, the one line teaser, and the category and header of the next article all flow into each other. There needs to be more of a separation between articles.


While you're at it...

... what would also be nice is an "Account Management" link. For a while now it's been easy to find the "create new account" link, but it's been really tricky to find anywhere to, for example, change your nick (or even your password).

(And while I'm at it, add another vote against the current icons (although they are growing on me), and a huge vote against fixed width and for a style sheet for mobiles)

Sony PRS-505 Reader e-book


I want...

That really looks nice - now I want one :(

Unfortunately, they're far too pricey (and not actually available down here at the Southern tip of Africa, so I'd have to have one imported, adding to the cost). But the long battery life and clear screen is exactly what I'd love. I currently read eBooks on my HTC TyTN II when travelling, and while it's a lot better than it ever was on my old Palm Treo, it's nothing compared to this. I don't need to annotate, just read, so I don't mind the lack of a keyboard.

The fact that it comes a book shaped folder is the clincher. Most devices are just too small to hold like a book, but are too awkward to hold in just one hand. This one looks like you can hold it in two hands like a book, and use your right hand to turn pages.

Oh, and in reply to some of the comments above asking who carries a ton of books around with them: I do :) Especially when travelling - I'll read one or two on the plane, each way, at least. And probably one at each airport... and I'll want to carry another two or three so I have something to read at the hotel... and the weight of all of those books start to add up!

Yes, there was a viable liquid bomb plot

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Speak for yourself...

"So perhaps the liquid limits are worthwhile, the more so as everyone has now got used to them and the worst of the inconvenience has died down."

I'm not used to them. The inconvenience is still considerable.

Just one example: I never know, when I fly, whether I'm going to get a screener who will let my contact lens solution through, or not (it doesn't come in tiny bottles, and since it's sterile, you can't decant it into a smaller bottle). So I'm super nervous every time I go through security, because I really, really don't want to be stuck on a 10 hour flight with dry eyes.

Legal digital music is commercial suicide


Free or reasonable downloads

The reason I don't use most of these streaming services or free download services (like Hulu) is because I DON'T LIVE IN THE US!

Too many of these things are restricted to US or (if you're lucky) UK residents. Us smaller countries don't get a look in.

I'd love a site where I can legally download (hell, even buy!) music of my choice. As long as it's available down here at the tip of Africa...

London stock market floored by computer glitch


JSE too...

Odd, the same thing happened on the JSE (the stock exchange in South Africa).

US utilities plot remote switch off


Old news...

... they've been doing this here in South Africa for ages, known as ripple control. The only thing they control is the geyser, though, and I don't think it's through anything nearly as cool and high tech as this.

Cash'n'Carrion: A lean, mean, fighting machine



Mine says 20 Euros...

Oh well, with the current exchange rate to ZAR, it doesn't really matter if it's dollars, pounds or euros - too expensive either way :(

Microsoft hopes third time is lucky with XP SP3 update

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I downloaded XP SP3 on Saturday, so it was definitely available then.

Mind you, it wouldn't install on my laptop because it wasn't plugged into an external power source. And then wouldn't install when I did plug it into an external power source either, so I'm going to have download again (and I'm on a 1Gb a month cap!)

But then if it was causing endless reboots, it's maybe just as well I couldn't install it.

Real researchers discover 'Music Without Limits'

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US = World

So they're still not acknowledging that there are other countries in the world, apart from the US?

Even the UK has better luck than poor old SA....

I'd be quite happy to buy tracks online, even at US prices, if only one of these big DRM-free sellers would let me!


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