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Help-desk hell

Paul Glavin

Why won't it print

I used to work for ICL on a support Helldesk for a large company that put windows on every PC

I remember a user phoning up complaining that their printer wasn't working, the paper went through but her document never appeared on the paper.

Ink status showed fine, a test page would work but it was difficult to read.

After spending an hour on the phone with her I gave up and asked her to email the document in, which she did.

When I looked at the document she'd changed the text to white.

When I phoned her back to tell her this she explained that she was using green paper so it should work ok....


Microsoft apologizes for digital head transplant

Paul Glavin

Extra legs

Is it just me or are there a few extra legs under the table?


So, what can you photograph?

Paul Glavin

Photographing the register

It's only forbidden to photograph the register in England and Wales because of the layout of the book.

In England and Wales the preceeding certificate is visible and reveals information about the previous couple. In Scotland the current certificate is the only visible one so photographs are allowed.



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