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Urinating teen polluted 57 Olympic-sized swimming pools - cops

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Send it to California

California and most of the western USA is currently in the worst drought of modern times. If you're not careful, Oregon, somebody will be sending a pipeline north to collect all that water you waste. I'm sure my filter could strain a little bit of piss. Besides, some (admittedly stupid) "health nuts" advocate drinking urine. Bottoms up!

I suspect this whole thing was only stirred up to discourage other foolish humans from doing this in their divine waters.


Snowden: Oh, PLEASE let me come to Germany and help Merkel with her phone

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Re: Waste of time

Speculation, Mr. Lively, is that part of Snowden's information includes the same things Scotland's famous hacker, Gary McKinnon discovered: We are not alone. We have never been alone. Ancient Egyptians built the pyramids using levitation, just like the Coral Castle guy in Florida. We have zero-point energy, anti-gravity, and reverse-engineered spacecraft the size of two football stadiums. All of this is hidden because the USA and friends wants to keep all the marbles. They fear the entrance of China, India and Africa on the same playing field.


Cardiff 'copter coppers give chase to UFO

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One Big Reason for Full Disclosure

You people on this island are so much in the dark on these things it's positively pathetic. Yes, there are "real" UFO's, and by that I mean craft that fly in the airspace of planet earth that are of extraterrestrial origin. Not from here, okay? Anyone who has ever witnessed one knows what it is, as it is so completely contrary to Newtonian Physics, we know it's not from the neighborhood. There are two types: ETV's (extraterrestrial vehicles) and ARV's (alien reproduction vehicles; those we earthlings have captured and reverse-engineered).

To start a basic primer course on this topic, which everyone truly needs to know to understand wth is going on, begin here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vyVe-6YdUk YouTube? You may scoff. Yes, YouTube. This is a two hour press conference made in Washington DC on May 9, 2001. It had more press than any event held there since Ronald Reagan, but the broadcast was jammed for the first 45 minutes, so all but the most determined had tuned out by then. Thanks to YouTube, it can be seen in it's entirety. (Apologies in advance for the introductory speaker, but he's only on for the first two minutes.) I suggest you gather your friends and watch the entire thing. Then show others.

Why is this important? For events such as this at Cardiff, and others at the Mexico City Airport, where planes have gone off runways due to ETV's getting in the way. Chicago O'Hare, Scotland, Singapore, and Australia where they've been seen hanging out. So many people posting here say things as if Cardiff were the first encounter we've ever had with these things! No! Study! Learn! Teach others!

These things have been here since the beginning of our time on earth, and they are from civilizations so many millions of years older than we are, it's not amusing. We have managed to shoot over 200 of them down in the past 60 years, and reverse-engineer many of them. We have studied and documented 57 different alien races. (As of 1989; it may be higher now, but the source has been silenced.) The truth is, if we really wanted to wage a war with these folks, we'd lose. Fortunately, they're not here to pick a fight. The only reason they try to stay hidden is because those in control have asked them to, and WHY is anyone's guess. There are many theories, and I've no time to start now. All I'm saying is that we as the race of humans currently inhabiting this planet need to stop the arrogance of thinking we're the only folks in the cosmos, and open our eyes as to why the truth is being hidden, not only from every Tom, Dick and Harry on the street, but from our world leaders. Many of those we elect are completely out of the loop, including President G.W. Bush (for obvious reasons) and most of Her Majesty's Government. You can't depend upon our governments to tell us the truth. That's difficult for many of us to accept, but knowing that many of those in charge over us don't know either, may make it a bit easier to understand.

Listen to people. Stop making fun of those who have had close encounters, like the pilots who were nearly killed by this craft. Be it ETV or ARV, it violated their airspace, and shook them up. Badly. They will never get over what happened to them, and having jerk-offs go on message boards calling them drunks won't help. These men probably have children who are being teased right now for what their father's witnessed. I can only hope they don't kill themselves over the strain this is causing in their lives. It wouldn't be the first time. We all need to be more loving, forgiving, and open to things we don't understand.

We must educate ourselves. That's what I'm trying to do. Educate you, so you can educate your mother, your neighbor, your teachers and friends. How do I know? I'm a living witness. I don't know how long I will remain alive to tell what I've seen, but until I am silenced, I will continue. I think it's important. I also know people who have been part of covert programs, who only know pieces of things. I know we have not needed roads, cars, or petroleum for anything more than lubrication for over sixty years. I applaud the UK Department of Defense (or, I guess you spell it Defence here) anyway, big kudos to them for releasing all of their documents to date. Though I know most of the 'good stuff' will be blacked out, it's at least a start, and more than my country is willing to do so far. They are still calling sightings "mass hysteria" "misidentified aircraft" and "swamp gas".

Oh, and one more thing. Please keep your cameras and video handy, and look up at the sky more. If you see something, put your camera on a solid surface, zoom in, and record it. Then post it immediately on YouTube, Google Video, or other real time International website. Make copies and give them to news agencies. Make yourself available for interviews. DO NOT embellish anything. DO NOT make or post anything fake. There are plenty of real events without giving the debunkers something to go "ah, ha!" over. My own experience happened in 1961, and I didn't get it on film, but I never go anywhere without a camera now. Even a cell phone can capture some of the daylight craft, as happened in India recently. If you are in an area which has had sightings, try using the night vision setting. Often it captures types unseen by the naked eye. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my views. Sorry for taking up so much space.

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For Anonymous Coward

I looked this up for you from the Liverpool Echo you mentioned:



Even though I'm a continent away, I can instantly access old stories, etc. Do some research and get some answers about questions you may have had festering for years...



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