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Online gamers strike major blow in battle against AIDS


Awesome article

All I can say is... Cooooool!

Fukushima's toxic legacy: Ignorance and fear


Surprise ally for Mr Page...

George Monbiot mirrors the views of Lewis Page in left meets right shocker!


William Shatner to star in Twitter-inspired TV show


I expected more...

Such uninformed comments, has anyone here ever read shitmydadsays or is this a knee jerk reaction to the word twitter (well if you don't understand it, knock it eh)?

I do actually reckon this has the potential to be pretty funny, (potential mind you). As long as they keep the swearing and don't shy away from the less politically correct aspects of the dad's pearls of wisdom...

Facebook rejects CEOP 'panic button' demands (again)


Classic business issue

With a stakeholder (however marginally) trying to force through one technical solution (which everyone with half a brain can see won't really work very well) rather than engaging in open discussion to find what would actually be the best way to solve the problem...

Muso turfed off train for 'suspicious' set list

Big Brother

Surfeit of excuses...

So the claim is that "We would like to thank him for his co-operation and understanding of the need to be vigilant in the current environment." are we dubiously linking his scribblings to terrorism here or are we talking about "a 'number of arrests' nearby including one man who had killed his wife"? They should at least try and stick to one excuse for hassling unsuspecting (and unsuspect) members of the public...

Castleford locals storm Tickle Cock bridge

Paris Hilton

There was a village where I grew up...

...in Yorkshire called Slack, of course it was split into two halves, Slack Top and the ever amusing Slack Bottom.

Paris, because well....

NASA announces $1.5m prize for eco-plane inventors



It seems to me we are just talking about gliders with enough power to take off to a suitable altitude here, as such one would expect them to be extremely quiet once airborne. Even if this is not the case, noise is just escaping energy, therefore any vehicle that wants to be as efficient as possible must as a part of that efficiency drive reduce noise...

Oh yeah, and I'd rather run out of biogas in a glider than a flying car! ;o)

Street View projects Woolworths through temporal portal

Big Brother

Soo out of date

The Woolies was replaced by that other bastion of British retail Waitrose yonks ago, I wonder what the black Opel upgrade path is... Will they let us know in advance so we can all draw giant penisis on all the closed shopfronts????

Intel scales EPA 'green' list



When the Reg writes an article showing Green power in use (though I am guessing most of the numbers are fudged somewhat and as Stu pointed out, biofuels aint a particularly green way of producing power), someone who gives so little of a shit about it takes the time to write a post showing what an ignorant, selfish prick they are...

Okay there is some question over some of the claims made by some of the environmental lobby, but surely we are better safe than sorry and reducing carbon emissions isn't a bad thing in anyone's books.

Greens: Telcos must share cell towers to save on CO2

Dead Vulture

And your problem is?

Makes sense to me, less masts, a little tiny bit less energy, more coverage... Can someone please explain why this policy makes the greens foolish or is it just El Reg's lazy journalism and institutionalised bias that anything an environmentalist says must by definition be bad in much the same way the greens bleat about nuclear power... Sort it out...

OGC cracks one off on with new logo


Does anyone

know anyone who works there? I'd pay a tenner for an OGC mousemat/mug combo!

Hitler had one ball: Official



Actually I think you'll find the monorchic soviet was the much more likely monikered Ivor Boloockov.

Bombproof TV rolling-news eco bins target the City


Is it just me

Or will the screens be around knee level, thereby making them essentially unviewable for anyone over 4 feet tall?

Sky told to hand over footy and film rights


Slightly unclear article....

The Ofcom findings relate to pay per view rights on specific games/films which are negotiated separately from broadcast rights, it also relates to Sky having to offer whole channels for sale to rivals at competitive prices, i.e. Virgin should be able to show Sky Sports 1 for a reasonable price (to virgin)

Interwebs page channels Palin twaddle


@Matt Bryant

You can't have a VP like Palin and not expect the rest of the world to piss themselves laughing...

It's the Old " You set 'em up, we'll knock em' down" scenario, Palin just makes it too damn easy.

Yes Biden has made some dubious policy decisions, but at least he is coherent and seems to have half a brain.

We thought that Bush was unsurpassable... Seems we were wrong.

David Blaine tw*tdangle ends in controversy


RE: if he's not...

"...going to pee all over himself I'll gladly do it for him."

Unless of course he was on fire...

iPhone will ship in green packaging


Shipped in Potatoes

Shipped or Chipped?

As Gates strides into the future, we wallow in the past

Gates Horns

One down...

Many thousands to go...

Police detain Tariq Aziz's cigar case


"so morally ambiguous that I cannot quite think of it as theft"

Yeah, and Carlsberg is so weak i cannot quite think of it as alcohol, but they'd still arrest me for drinking it on the tube...

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