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An HTC named Desire. OK, two HTCs...

Adam Slim


Having previously had an XDA, XDA2, Xda Exec and Touch HD, I'm quite happy with my iPhone 4 thanks.

Apple iPhone 4

Adam Slim

Screen not a game changer? Really?

I use my smartphone for browsing. With the iPhone 4, I can easily read the BBC news website in landscape without expanding it. With the iPhone 3G you can't, and with my old HTC Touch HD (800x480) you can't without developing a squint. It does something better than anything else, and this something is a crucial aspect for a smart phone for many users. Seems like a game changer to me.

Orange launches dance-powered phone charger

Adam Slim
Paris Hilton

Combined with mobile video

We'll have all the kinetic energy we need.

Paris, providing kinetic energy for the masses

Force listeners onto DAB by killing FM

Adam Slim

DAB in 2020, really?

By 2020 we'll have pervasive wifi and lots of bandwidth - DAB will be dead in the water: worse coverage than internet radio, fewer channels and poorer quality. If DAB+ happens, everyone who bought into DAB will be somewhat irritated. How can a working group get this so wrong?


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