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OpenSolaris still has some Linux copying to do

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SuSE11 verses Solaris 10

Solaris like most O/S has its place. I have Solaris 11(Next) on my desktop and to be honest it sucks. It is not even close in maturity to SuSE SLED10. OpenSuSE11 is even better than SLED 10.

Solaris 10 with Oracle RAC on a large environment is hard to beat. However if your app is single threaded and running on a small to medium size server, you would be better off running on HP DL580-G5 with SuSE SLES 10 or OpenSuSE 11. I can tell you at a large bank in NYC, Solaris 10 got smoked 8:1 against SuSE 10 Realtime Linux.

So please end the banter, if your going Sun, go on on Big Iron. If your app is multi-threaded (most are not) go to the T5240 with Solaris 10. The rest call HP and get a DL 580-G5 with SuSE 10 or 11.



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