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VeriChip shaves 3mm off human RFID chips

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@ Seán

"No more getting the wrong meds and fucking dying". Yep, I hate it when that happens to me.

Lotus offers to end e-car silent running


Engine noise through the stereo?

I'd rip the stereo right out of any car I owned if it did that.

Dungeons & Dragons slays its digital distribution


@AC - Player's Handbook 2

They're referring to the second edition of the 4th ed. Handbook, which is a recent release. They are not referring to the 2nd ed. Handbook.

Confused? There's a third handbook for 4th ed. in the works. How about now?

Most undergraduates 'show fear when asked to do maths'



Didn't read the article, just saw the word "maths", got scared and skipped here to voice my outrage.

Seriously though, I love maths, it's people that put me on edge. I'd do the same if I went on a sociology degree. So I didn't. I suck at painting, so I didn't do an art degree either.

Maybe the article should be reversed - about half of all people don't fear maths! That's higher than I'd have expected.

Latest subject for peer review? You



Class: Rogue / Fighter / Cleric etc.

Maybe you're rated out of ten for how well you fit between each class?

Don't see many paladins around these days. Maybe the advertisers want to weed them out to target them with paladin specific adverts. Underarm deodorant for the holyman who wears full plate maybe?

UK IT should 'fire men first', says Kate Craig-Wood


A title is required.

Wait, what?

Did she just say she used to be a dude?

The internet is for violent jerks, study finds


Well, yes!


In other news, study proves sky blue, grass green.

Canon PowerShot G10



The hotshoe on this camera is, to me, what sets it apart from the rest of the point & shoots out there - and yet no mention of that in the review! I'm surprised that such an unusual feature wasn't even mentioned.

A lot of people who have bought this camera are SLR owners who have flash guns they could use on top or use the hotshoe to trigger external strobes.

Cocaine now cheaper than lager

Dead Vulture


"Those of you who are no longer prepared to stump £2.75 for a pint, but don't fancy cocaine as an alternative stimulant"

Are you implying that alcohol is a stimulant? Much the opposite, it is a depressant.

Please, Wikipedia is *right there*, you might want to look at it some time.

Birmingham drops the possessive apostrophe



For the sake of the emergency services I propose a law be passed to prevent streets being renamed "'); DROP geocode_tbl;"

Or, better yet, maybe we should all apply to our local councils to rename a street just that? Then we'll see what a database nightmare is.

Microsoft's IE 8 beta adds 'special' list

Gates Horns

A title is required.

Good grief. As if IE6/7 weren't making my life hard enough already. I don't have to worry about FF1 users not being able to view the sites I make, mostly because it's platform independent so users with an old OS can still have the latest version of the browser.

MS should make their browsers available to everyone, regardless of OS, and either force everyone to upgrade their browser or make their damn browsers all render websites the same. Getting IE 6&7 to run on the same machine was hard enough, but now I'll have to have two machines to cope with IE 8 as well. If IE8 really is 'scrambling' most websites then well done Microsoft, you've "broken the internet".

It was bad enough when IE7 hit, now this? It really burns my lasagne.

25 years of Mac - the good, the bad, and the cheese grater



Only read a couple of these, I found them unreadable without pictures.

Not being a fan-boi and not being old enough to be able to form words when the first mac was released, I have no idea what you're talking about without photos.

Microsoft knew about Xbox 360 disc-scratch problem, employee claims

Gates Halo


Is this not nonsense? If I started shaking my 360 around while it was powered up and spinning a disk, something would likely get damaged. I'd expect that. And I wouldn't blame MS. I don't need a warning label to tell me that.

If I ingested my 360, it would likely cause a lot of damage to my xbox and myself. I didn't see a warning label stating that, it is in fact a guess. I don't need a warning label to tell me that, nor would it be MS's fault for providing me with the xbox.

MS should replace the disks as a goodwill gesture and issue letters to people who request a disk swap telling them not to be so stupid in future. In those words.

2008's top three compact cameras

Dead Vulture

re. CoolPix the best - You must be joking

Well, it's a camera review from El Reg. What did you expect?

Israeli Linux fan squeezes Windows refund out of Dell



"Laptops don't work without Windows installed"

*ducks for cover before the explosions*

'Faith-based' investment firm fingers holiday's most sinful games


@ AC

"i recall hearing or reading something in or from the good two ply t p aka the bible that money is evil or root of all evil"

Read it again then. It's the *love* of money, not money itself. If they're rich, they're OK with their book so long as they don't love the money.

Misquoting does annoy me so.

Satanic net neologisms - nominations invited


Comment 2.0

Web 2.0

Inventor. Should. Be. Shot.

From a canon!

Yes! It's the USB Toaster!

Dead Vulture

A title is required.

Good grief, this is old.

Or, as The Onion would phrase it, "Area man finds funny website on the internet; forwards to friends."

Peaches Geldof - she's back!

Paris Hilton


Link to the offending hackery please.

Enquiring minds need to know!

Mars lander has probably carked it, says NASA


"the first atomic force microscope ever used outside Earth"

That's what you think, human.

Tiny MyCar named electric vehicle of the year

Paris Hilton


Heinie? What the hell is a heinie?

I'll assume you mean "arse".

David Blaine tw*tdangle ends in controversy



No, he wouldn't be peeing all over himself. That's what the catheter was there for.

Twatdangle indeed. An apt description.

Kings of Leon to freetards: Y'all are trash



They also have their own youtube channel. This, as far as I can tell, is designed to encourage people to listen to their music for free on the internet. With added video, which is more than I get when I buy a CD.

I'm confused with these mixed messages.

S'kiddies light-up LHC website


Oh dear.

I don't suppose for a moment that CERN is using their webserver to control the LHC.

Just... oh dear. The Telegraph dropped the ball there.

Reg readers rage at comment icon outrage


Dead Vulture

Where's my dead vulture gone? Bring back the bird!

Seriously, thank you for bringing back most of the old icons. Much better!

Segway shock army to invade Department of Transport


I welcome this.

I, for one, welcome this.

Force all MPs to use a segway as their primary mode of transportation. THEN they will see just how crap cycle lanes really are. Around here, some cycle lanes are less than 2 meters long.

Maybe then we'll see some improvements to cycle lanes that stretch beyond previous token gestures.

/leans forward to speed this up.

Coming soon: Facebook - The Movie!


I'm not sure where to start.

Mr. Sorkin, I have a question; "You're crazy."

How can one think it is a good idea to make a movie about something you know nothing? There are words for that sort of behaviour.

Google's Street View spycar clocked in London


Middlesbrough too

2-3 weeks ago my boss drove past the Google car on the A19.

Canon EOS 450D digital SLR


Only 70?

It's obvious you like this camera, and in your comparisons to the 400D you say it outshines the 400D. Why give it 70% when the 400D scored 75%?

US hackette ponders jub-powered iPod

Paris Hilton


You know, the word 'astounded' is thrown around a lot these days.

Once in a good long while, however, a site enters the internets that is truly astonishing. El Reg, you've made my day.

PH angle - too obvious?

Let air passengers smoke dope, say Denver potheads


Outside Security

If the smoking lounge is outside of the secure area, that means one will not require a ticket to access said lounge?

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

The war on photographers - you're all al Qaeda suspects now



re. "it's completely legal to photograph anything or anyone in public - though not on private property (which kinda puts the guy "apprehended" in Boots in a sticky, though not illegal, position)"

If you're on private property and take photographs when you have been asked not you, you are trespassing even if you were invited onto the property in the first place. If the shop has a 'no photography' sign, he's free to enter but trespasses when taking the photo.

Trespass is not a criminal act, although you can be sued for damages. The damages of taking a photo can't be very high though - can they?


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