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Apple evacuates European HQ after bomb threat


Poor pun in 3,2,1...

Do you think they misheard when they were threatened with a tax?


Xbox mod spreads KILLER Borderlands 2 GERM


Some facts and corrections...

This doesn't rely on modded consoles. A save game modifier program was made available on forums, to anybody able to get their save onto a USB stick and onto a PC. A flag could be switched on, enabling the uncompleted 'Badass mode', and then the save put back onto USB and onto any console. So basically anyone could do it.

If you're infected you'll be booted back to the menu screen, and if you don't go to continue, and then save and quit, your save gets renamed Graveyard.sav and your character is gone.

Also it spreads from any player with the infection, no need for a modded console, and only triggers when you die - so if you play with 3 others in a session, they get it, pass it on etc etc.

There's a fix with Microsoft now, so should be patched soon. Anyone with Graveyard.sav is done for, but an infected save which hasn't gone that far can be fixed - unfortunately this uses the same modding tool that caused the problem in the first place...


BBC One HD to launch this autumn


Not this year

No F1 in HD this year apparantly I'm afraid. From the BBC website:

We will not be able to provide F1 coverage in high definition this year. The BBC relies on Formula 1 Management (FOM) for the provision of all of its live pictures and as such the broadcasting of high definition pictures is dependent upon whether FOM uses HD cameras or not.

This may change I suppose, or may be available at a race or two, but doubt it somehow.


GTA IV website prompts outrage


Is in the 360 version

Actually it is in the 360 version, as well as the radio adverts for the same site... but aside from that, there's no images, no suggestive text or anything like that, it's just part of the games whole take on the media and everything else.

American style Little Miss type pageants are dodgy enough in real life, and I wouldn't be surprised if something similar exists in real life, but at least in the game you immediately get picked up by the police.



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