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HTC says sorry for Orange Hero Android 2.1 update delay

Chris Officer

It's not being delivered through the website...

It's being delivered over the air, same as the 2.1 update was for generic Heroes and the branded ones on other networks.

If you're phone hasn't detected it already try setting the date ahead a month, otherwise you might have to install the most recent Orange ROM on the HTC website (version ending .66) before you can get it. Once part 1 has installed you should have a new option under Settings->About Phone where you can check for software updates. Push 'Check Now' and part 2 should be delivered (all 70 odd meg of it).

Chris Officer

Forget next week

It's out now. Part 1 was released yesterday and part 2 arrived this morning.

Google outs source code for Android 2.2

Chris Officer
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2.2 is all well and good but most of us are still waiting for HTC and the networks to deliver 2.1!

Tesco reveals unannounced Dell 12in netbook

Chris Officer


Checked the site again after reading this article and the price of the Inspiron N270 has been upped to £249, still cheaper than the £269 suggested in the press. Not quite the bargain it was looking yesterday though.


Chris Officer

They also reveal another bargain

Noticed this yesterday and they also have a listing for a Dell Inspiron N270 which looks like a standard mini-9 with linux for the bargain price of £229. Also due on Oct 6th. If that's true then it's made my mind up about which netbook to buy.

Ubuntu zoo preps for new arrival

Chris Officer

name from experience

Following my recent experiences with Ubuntu after upgrading to Hardy Heron they should swiftly move forward to a version called Wonky Wireless.

After weeks of dicking about I gave up and installed Fedora.

GTA IV website prompts outrage

Chris Officer

Mark - 3609 version

That's funny, I could've sworn I saw the site on my 360 copy the other day. Good way to start an instant coffee shop shootout with the police when bored.

As for the Sun readers, surely it would have been sick if they'd really made the site instead of the auto-police trick? Like everything illegal in GTA you can do it if you want but the game punishes you by sending the cops after you. But "game teaches life lessons by punishing illegal behaviour" doesn't make good headlines I suppose.


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