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Landlord sues tenant over moldy Tweet



...this should be a lesson to corporations to employ a little bit of the gray matter first, rather than blindly following advice from a law firm that clearly stands to profit from a lawsuit.

But I suppose that's asking too much.

US woman says Ubuntu can't access internet


@Niall Campbell

"Open Office does not do Powerpoint yet..."

From http://www.openoffice.org/product/impress.html: "Of course, you are free to use your old Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, or save your work in PowerPoint format for sending to people who are still locked into Microsoft products."

If you insist on making bold claims about never printing an untruth, you might benefit from indulging in a little bit of fact checking before you go about making claims about products you don't seem to know anything about.


"I wanted to get back to school..."

My ass.

So perhaps this lady is in some dead end job that she hates and wants to make more money so she signs up for some career changing course at the local tech college that she saw advertised on TV or some such. She thinks, 'Oh, I'll take some online classes in my spare time and in next to no time I'll have a better job and more money and everything I ever wanted! And my boobs will get bigger too!"

Then she realizes that she's actually going to have to - God forbid - get online and, like, study and do homework, which might cut into her drinking time or whatever. But instead of womaning up and admitting that she can't hack it, she puts the blame elsewhere. That she happened to get a computer with a non-Windows operating system was a convenient excuse. If she had gotten a computer with Vista it would have been 'I couldn't figure out how to press the 'ok' button when it asked me something' or some such. If the school had provided her with a computer and come to her house to set it up, she *still* would have found fault with something that prevented her from taking classes.

Speaking as someone who's going back to school to get another degree, it's hard. It takes sacrifices. If you expect someone to hand it to you, you will fail. Yes, she can't attend an online class without a computer, but presumably this college has a computer lab that is available for her to use by virtue of her paying them money. Or, failing that, the local library should have computers with internet access available for the one time fee of the thirty seconds it takes to fill out a form for a library card. She could even, if she were so inclined, attend either of these facilities in her pajamas. They might look at her funny, but they wouldn't kick her out. The fact that she had an issue with her personal computer is no excuse for not being able to attend class.

With people like this bimbo, who seem to expect to have it handed to her on a platter, it's no wonder that this country is going to the dogs. It's even worse that she was given the opportunity to air her so called 'grievances' in a public forum. Whoever at the TV station that was responsible for this farce should be publicly spanked and the video put on YouTube as a warning to others. (I respect El Reg enough to assume that they only reproduced the story to give us a laugh. And, you know, OS holy war bait.)

This woman is neither an idiot nor a 'poor woman' because she's technically incompetent. I know plenty of people who barely have the technical ability to turn on their computer, and yet they manage to muddle through because they know where to go for help when they need it and they have the tenacity to stick with the people helping them until they get a solution for their problem. Honestly, I'm half tempted to ask where the IT angle is for this story because if you scrape off the Dell/Ubuntu frosting, underneath is just a lazy twit cake with a self-serving lawsuit-setup filling. Can we please move on to the more serious business of what Paris Hilton is doing these days?

@Sarah Bee Re: What is really going on here

I think you just did.

Today is not Hadron Collider Day


But What I Really Want to Know...

Is crossing particle beams anything like getting your Schwartz twisted?

Cause I hate it when that happens.

Facebook - The Movie! Exclusive storyboard peek

Gates Horns

But where's...

The nauseating, err, touching side story of family reunion and brain implants?


BOFH: The all-clicking, all-whirring Roboboss


The perfect RoboBoss...

...is the ED-209. As RoboBoss-209 is 'staircase impaired', the local BOFH can be assured that RoboBoss-209 will always approach Mission Control from the same direction (the freight elevator, naturally, so there's no ... inconvenience to the Beancounters' ... quality time ... in the passenger elevators).

With some simple modifications (mostly just loading the excuse calendar), RoboBoss-209 is the model of user support. (RoboBoss-209 detects Resonant Harmonic Distortion. RoboBoss-209 requires the pin depth of the power socket your machine is plugged into. *shck* You have 15 seconds to comply.)

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