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Extreme pron vigilantes are after you


Fast download speeds are for ... ?

So what am I supposed to download now with my super-fast broadband connection that Culture Secretary Andy Burnham has just said everyone should get ?

MP calls for Jezza Clarkson's head


I'm deeply offended ...

... by anyone who watches Top Gear and is then offended by the content.

Especially MP's who jump on the band waggon nearly a week later.

Hoon: Not building überdatabase would be terrorist licence to kill

Gates Horns

The terrorists have won

Their primary aims are to create havoc and fear.

And what with this government bleating on about terrorism like the Spanish Inquisition the terrorists don't even need to step onto these shores again!

Sony to save planet with PS3 firmware overhaul


Horses for courses

I own both a Wii and a PS3.

I use the Wii when plaing with the kids and the PS3 for games just for me.

It's simple.

Use the console that suits the situation and stop bashing each other.

You sound like a bunch of religious zealots.

As for the power thing. Anything that reduces my leccy bill and helps save the planet is good. (Or just use the big off button)

Password pants-off at Lloyds Bank


Who needs a password?

Surely the password isn't needed by staff as they have their own systems that they use to see all our details.

Plus there's bound to be some backdoor access to these details. Nothing that a few SQL scripts couldn't do.

Brown's website is Web2.0tastic



You are right, we don't vote for a Prime Minister, we vote for a Party.

BUT, the image/persona of the person who will eventually become PM plays a great part in which party you vote for.

Policies change (daily?) but an MP's spots won't !

So whilst you may like to think this country votes for a political party, I'll guarantee that the majority actually vote for a person. There are statistics that prove this !

p.s. Web-site isn't that bad if taken at face value.



Sorry Adam but you only get a pass for UAT at a general election.

He is most certainly still in Beta

Forgot your ID? You must be a terrorist

Paris Hilton

Forget that

How can your Id be put in a database if you've forgotten it ?

Flirty texting could land Scots in jail for 10 years


Harry meets Sally meets Scotland

Does this mean that anyone watching 'When Harry me Sally' can be jailed too ?

Actually come to think of it - Watching any of the Carry on films will land you in jail (And rightly so many would say) Leslie Phillips will be jailed just for opening his mouth !

I'll get my dirty raincoat now...

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