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Divorce for shouty YouTube wife


An island for cretins?

Did the brits try that years ago? Think its called Australia =P


3G iPhone not ready for the enterprise?

Paris Hilton

Errr work it out...

The bloke said he had paid out £80 less for the cheaper tariff than his mate and will be made to fork out the £99 for the new iphone. Ok, but you have to sign up for an 18th month contract which means by the time the contract ends he will have saved £180 which is still an £81 saving if you purchase the new iphone.

Come on, did anyone honestly think getting an iphone on launch day would be economically viable? It was obvious the price would come down fairly quickly, the fans boys who wanted the latest toy straight away were bound to be stitched up!

Paris, because we know she prefers the blackberry



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