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SCADA security bug exposes world's critical infrastructure



As per others comments ,it shouldnt even be near the internet ,as per tiering

and layered security ...security 101 ffs.

Strange how only Citec ( SCADA) has been mentioned over the last few years in SCADA kb's.

To expose major infrastructure with a web server ( as it does ) to external public subnets is actually breaching the laws in some countries and states. {<>}and any admin or manager who allows this should be fired .

These exploits will continue until we stop using the MS c+ development platform as mentioned in the other posts and utilise secure coding principles and platforms.

This scada package unfortunately only runs on the ms os ,and not nux ,apple etc.


Congressmen say Chinese hacked their PCs


perception and double deception

Another excuse under the new "act" to wage a cyber war against these

persistent little -communist boogers.

They have been hard at us for a while ,and still are , but the odd "friendly fire "

appearing to come from the enemy adds cred again to mass the troops

and DOS them ..

Lets watch our backs anyways ...70% of the traffic from CH is true anyways

so what does a little help from the inside do for a cause .?

I feel for the persons responsible for the admins of those laptops etc.


Security militia sought to brutalize ransomware virus

Thumb Down

More Excuses ...lets help ....NOT

just another excuse to use others to develop a way to crack

PKI used in many areas .....lets all help them .......NOT



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