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Lego terrorist threatens democracy

Dave Fisher
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The only things...

...threatening Democracy are idiots like this... and the idiots that listen to them!

If you look at that toy and see a muslim terrorist and worse, you then identify with that... then that's your own negative self-image speaking and you need to talk to someone.

3 days on: The iPhone users still to make a call

Dave Fisher


@Scott K... hopefully your new Nokia N96 will have a better keyboard than your current device... seems the H, A and shift keys are sticking!

3G iPhone not ready for the enterprise?

Dave Fisher
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This is getting out of hand...

All these whiners are really starting to annoy me... shut the hell up! You still have a wonderful device which will get (apart from faster internet and GPS) all the software features of the new iPhone for free anyway and nobody is forcing you to upgrade before the end of your contract! Be thankful that O2 are allowing you a subsidised price to upgrade part way through your contract and not stiffing you for an early termination fee as well as charging you full whack for the new device!

'I bought my car a year ago... and now they make a better one, why oh why Lord won't they give me the better one for free??? *cries*' Sound like a reasonable complaint? No, didn't think so.


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