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Webcams, printers, gizmos - the untold net threats

Chris E

Indirect routes

Those claiming that it's too difficult to break through firewalls - the average consumer 'firewall' is a NAT device (with various degrees of vunerability) plus a badly configured software packet inspector on the users machine.

In any case, there are alternate ways around a firewall. Go in via a browser exploit - and use that to plant backdoors on various devices, that's not too far fetched, even/especially in the average corporation with an overworked IT department and a scheduled set of OS/software updates that are always later than you'd get them in the consumer world - due to the need for verification.

Zuckerberg's Google boycott reaches 32 days (and counting)

Chris E

Violation of privacy

How is this different from the opposite case, of facebook prompting you for your gmail password so that it can go into gmail and mail all your contacts with invites?

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