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We did Nazi see this coming... Internet will welcome Earth's newest nation with, sigh, a brand new .SS TLD

Marco van de Voort

The Nazi SS used runes. As long as it is not an unicode domain, we're safe :-)

The Nazi SS used runederived characters for its SS notation, like U+16CB, not normal latin characters. As long as it is not an unicode domain, we're safe :-)

p.s. it might still be a good idea not to do it. Neo Nazis are not very literate, and the subtleties might be beyond them

Tens to be disappointed as Windows 10 Mobile death date set: Doomed phone OS won't see 2020

Marco van de Voort

Hmm, Microsoft constantly declaring existing APIs now, and pointing to not yet finished API's didn't help either.

I only migrated from a win8 phone (a 635 with too little memory to update to 10) last New Year.

Too slow to properly browse, but otherwise quite fine.

Dutch boyband hopes to reverse Brexit through the power of music

Marco van de Voort

to be honest, it took May over 1.5 years to come up with pretty much the default arrangement. And then it was doomed because it was clear it would make parliament.

Not the greatest leadership

On the first day of Christmas, MIPS sent to me: An open-source-ish alternative to RISC-V

Marco van de Voort

Re: Interesting

Yes. MIPS traditionally had a delay slot. MIPS-X even two.

P.s. the Microchip 32-bit architecture is also MIPS. (but of course with the acquisition of Atmel and its SAM ARMs, it now has two 32-bit architectures in one house)

Home users due for a battering with Microsoft 365 subscription stick

Marco van de Voort

You accounts department will probably not qualify for a consumer subscription anyway.

Supernovae may explain mass extinctions of marine animals 2.6 million years ago

Marco van de Voort

Who told them?

Series of Supernovaes? Who told them? The puppeteers ?

Microsoft, you shouldn't have: Festive Windows 10 Insiders build about as exciting as new socks

Marco van de Voort

Any change to notepad is big news of course.

It is the most important Windows app :-)

Microsoft's .NET Core 3 is almost here, which means time to move on from .NET Framework

Marco van de Voort

Re: Depending on MS plaftorms is always a mistake

Heaped together with GTK1?

Bordeaux-no! Wine guzzling at UK.gov events rises 20%

Marco van de Voort


.... After English and Welsh sparkling wine

The scenes from Chef! (Lenny Henry) when he goes to France with bottles of English wine and the French ROTFL suddenly come back into focus again :-)

What the #!/%* is that rogue Raspberry Pi doing plugged into my company's server room, sysadmin despairs

Marco van de Voort

database passwords linked to applications are rarely changed

I came back to an old company to do some updates to an old app and noticed the database password was still the same. After 6 years.

Application passwords should probably also be regularly rotated, and software should therefore never hardcode them.

An ex employee who breaches your network (like in the article), might be able to siphon off complete databases otherwise.

Douglas Adams was right, ish... Super-Earth world clocked orbiting 'nearby' Barnard's Star

Marco van de Voort

Re: " new orbital Galactic HQ"

Coruscant would be more logical then. Capital of the Star Wars evil empire.

Marco van de Voort

Jack Vance?

Didn't Jack Vance had some conclave on barnard's star where the devil princes divided the realm?

Cheeky cheesemaker fails to copyright how things taste

Marco van de Voort

Yes, try real Dutch cheese, start with Limburger cheese!

Which scientist should be on the new £50 note? El Reg weighs in – and you should vote, too

Marco van de Voort

Fleming, no contest.

Penicillin saved so many lives. Anybody had an appendix taken out, or other now routines surgery? Was quite a risky procedure before antibiotics.

I like my computers and software, but in the end I'm still a bag of bones.

Grumbling about wobbly Windows 10? Microsoft can't hear you over the clanging cash register

Marco van de Voort

Never new testers made that much money

Lay off testers -> stellar quarter ?

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave me tea... pigs-in-blankets-flavoured tea

Marco van de Voort

Re: The King of Vegetables

Aspargus, obviously.

Microsoft yanks the document-destroying Windows 10 October 2018 Update

Marco van de Voort

Re: Why even touch user folders? Onedrive

Several sources say that the bundled onedrive update wipes out locally stored files if they are not in the cloud. One forum post said that defanging onedrive settings (files-on-demand setting) and updating onedrive separately before the update should remedy that.

Not that I recommend trying that, specially now that it has been pulled.

Windows 10 1809: Now arriving on a desktop near you (if you want it)

Marco van de Voort

pseudo tty's

Didn't this release have the rearrangement of conshost to support pseudo TTY's and an API for it?

It was mentioned in the console blog (https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/commandline/), but I haven't checked the release trajectories myself.

It could be a new era in console computing :-)

UKIP flogs latex love gloves: Because Brexit means Brexit

Marco van de Voort

Re: 51.89% v 48.11% is a close percentage

But it is less to make far reaching, multi government changes, like constitution. One could argue Brexit is just that.

You're alone in a room with the Windows 10 out-of-the-box apps. What do you do?

Marco van de Voort

Re: Not turn them in to apps.

I'm a developer. For anything serious developer will fire up a serious IDE, and for a quick edit notepad is preinstalled and good enough.

(quick inventory : my devel machine contains VS, Delphi+Lazarus, MP Lab (classic and X) and TexWorks)

Marco van de Voort

Not turn them in to apps.

The speed of notepad for a quick edit is pretty much the main reason to use it. Please no UWP nonsense!

30-up: You know what? Those really weren't the days

Marco van de Voort

Yellow and blue

Old school programmers used yellow on blue, not black on white. Duh!

Python joins movement to dump 'offensive' master, slave terms

Marco van de Voort

Leader and Worker, are the alternatives better?

Leader can be associated with Fascism, and Worker is a keyword of communism.

We've Amber heard a NASty rumour: Marvell man touts private cloud box

Marco van de Voort

Anything is better than WD Home. By default

The WD mycloud Home is afaik Android line contrary to the general Linux based mycloud line.

It has a mobile app, and lacks nearly everything else. (no access to the cmdline, no real administrative website, only android/ios apps with hardly any functionality other than a "backup" option without much configuration) Additional shares? forget about it etc.

So everything is "auto", which means that some braindead case is prepared, and you get no way to configure or even monitor it.

Example mounting an HDD on the external USB3 port. (to copy the contents of the previous filer). The only way to know if something was mounted, is getting an alert in the app. No usual partition map or selection option. Just mounts the first partition (which is often an OEM one).

Useless product.

British egg producers saddened by Google salad emoji update

Marco van de Voort

Remove the tomato out of consideration for the Nightshade intolerant

Maybe remove tomatoes too, out of consideration for the people with nightshade allergies?

Virtue singing – Spotify to pull hateful songs and artists

Marco van de Voort


Article seems to first indicate S. policy is on content of songs, but then it spins to the artist alleged lifestyle? Unclear.

Microsoft Lean's in: Slimmed-down Windows 10 OS option spotted

Marco van de Voort

Re: No Registry Editor eh?

Most of the -S stuff was geared towards education. Since most of the cutting seems to be configuration tools, it might be for that, with a UWP bent because Microsoft still hasn't given it up as the "future" yet.

Sysadmin left finger on power button for an hour to avert SAP outage

Marco van de Voort


I know, my point was more that it was not a given that would work. The first Proliants were mightly quirky beasts, and the CDROM BIOS support was minimal and ancient.

Marco van de Voort

Moreover the default cdrom was not exactly standard. It was connected on the onboard SCSI (the IDE was connected to the floppy ?!?!) and the system firmware could only boot from devices that had a special (512byte sector emulation?) jumper on and used floppy emulation. In the mid 2000s the only distro that booted was Slackware 8.1

Java EE renamed 'Jakarta EE' after Big Red brand spat

Marco van de Voort

For legal reasons

For legal reason it must be called "Batavia EE" in the Netherlands ( :-) )

That microchipped e-passport you've got? US border cops still can't verify the data in it

Marco van de Voort

The worst is they require it 8+ years now

The worst thing is that when I went to NY in 2010, my, then fairly recent, passport had no biometrics, and I had to get a new one with biometrics. (which they couldn't read then, OR now)

Are you an open-sorcerer or free software warrior? Let us do battle

Marco van de Voort

Re: GPL is not freedom at all.

You can sell the software (and any later improvements) only once, since they can ask for the source and redistribute it. Or license it per ratio of usage. (number of copies)

Such constructs do happen of course in custom software that is not to interesting for others, but it is too limited in most cases.

Marco van de Voort

blacklash against GPL viral clause

I think this is an oversimplification. Open Source was mainly a backlash against the viral clause in the GPL advocated by the FSF, which was difficult to live with if you sold software for a living. The FSF had some story about a service related way of capitalizing on GPL software which always sounded like an afterthought excuse to deliver when GPL was called business-unfriendly.

So people wanted to collaborate, just not on FSFs terms and vision.

Yes, there was the LGPL, but it was weakly advocated in the beginning, and shared the name with the GPL which was considered a poison pill. (and not just by Microsoft, as revisionist freetard historians will want you to believe)

And this was not just about the suits, it was for the self employed developer too. Even more so, since big business was more likely to have a service organisation in place. (queue IBM that promptly invested heavily in Linux)

Indiegogo to ailing ZX Spectrum reboot firm: End of May... or we call the debt collector

Marco van de Voort

Of course it is all a conspiracy by Commodore fans.

Of course it is all a conspiracy by Commodore fans.

Next; tech; meltdown..? Mandatory; semicolons; in; JavaScript; mulled;

Marco van de Voort

Re: pascal

Depends. Does it have semicolon's as statement separator (a la Pascal) or as statement terminator (a la C?)

IOW is a semicolon before a non statement line (like a closing } ) required?

A Hughes failure: Flat Earther rocketeer can't get it up yet again

Marco van de Voort

Re: 1,800 feet

You are trying to reason with people that have left reason behind. Not a logical thing to do :-)

Milk IN the teapot: Innovation or abomination?

Marco van de Voort

Ruibos is not thee

Ruiboos/Rooibos is not tea at all, but some tree's bark.

PACK YOUR BAGS! Two Trappist-1 planets have watery oceans, most likely to be inhabitable

Marco van de Voort

And if so, how did they get the monks there?

Intel’s Meltdown fix freaked out some Broadwells, Haswells

Marco van de Voort

Intel, while you are at it.

Please implement PCID (without INVPCID) for Ivy bridge, so that we don't get a double digit slowdown on ivy bridge

At Christmas, do you give peas a chance? Go cold turkey? What is the perfect festive feast?

Marco van de Voort


I believe the plan this year was to duck in laurel(bayleaf) - apricot - red wine sauce. The dried apricots are not very sweet, and the bayleaf adds another bit of tartness.

Served with small potatoes in peel and assorted vegetables. For fun romanesco instead of cauliflower/broccoli.

Around here the traditional dish is rabbit in vinegar, but not my favourite

Firefox 57: Good news? It's nippy. Bad news? It'll also trash your add-ons

Marco van de Voort

adblock plus and /56/

adblock plus already upgraded itself on firefox 56, but the new (webplugin) form feels like pre-alpha. Nothing except the preconfigured blocking lists seem to work, manual configuration is next to impossible.

I used Mozilla since milestone 18, but if this is not resolved soon, this is the end of it. The current combination is simply not functional.

Osama Bin Laden had copy of Resident Evil, smut, in compound

Marco van de Voort

Re: ps4 in 2011

Inside only. Outside it is the pigs.

Marco van de Voort

ps4 in 2011

it is a bit strange to have a ps4 game in 2011, when ps4 came out in 2013 ?

Everyone loves programming in Python! You disagree? But it's the fastest growing, says Stack Overflow

Marco van de Voort


If SO said Excel was the fastest and most used "programming language" (which it probably is), would you switch?

There is more to language selection than popularity

CMD.EXE gets first makeover in 20 years in new Windows 10 build

Marco van de Voort

Blue seems brighter

Hmm, my Turbo Pascal(*) editor's background will get brighter, don't know if that is comfortable.

(*) well, the Free Pascal imitation

Microsoft hits new low: Threatens to axe classic Paint from Windows 10

Marco van de Voort

Now just notepad, and we can write off builtin apps completely.

Now just notepad, and we can write off builtin apps completely.

Got a Windows Phone 8 mobe? It's now officially obsolete. Here's why...

Marco van de Voort

Re: Soft in the Head

The problem is that Android was the rushed junk. Microsoft had to do better to compete, and to some degree they succeeded.

But the push was lacklustre, and the constant changing of the development platforms (and them being late while the previous was already declared dead) added to the failure. You can't afford such slips when you are the underdog, and Microsoft is not good at being the underdog.

Ex-NASA bod on Gwyneth Paltrow site's 'healing' stickers: 'Wow. What a load of BS'

Marco van de Voort


graphite is a conductive carbon "material", and used as a filler in many substances ?

EPYC leak! No, it's better than celeb noodz: AMD's forthcoming server CPU

Marco van de Voort

7281 faster but cheaper than 7351IP

7281 lower clocked, multi socketed and cheaper but faster than 7351IP?

Or does it simply have larger caches, and a SPECINT is a biassed benchmark?


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