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Sophos DNS snafu creates update problems

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Re- I'd like to know

Domain names you keep as long as you want to re-register them, where as IP addresses may change if you move service provider. The Domain name should therefore remains a constant.

Plus, IPv6 will eventually arrive making domain name far more important than they are under IPv4, as the IPv4's 12 numeric digits are easier to recall than the IPv6's 32 digit hex format.


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Ex-Logica boss to teach UK.gov how to identify crap IT

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The Guardian 28th May 2007

Martin Read former CEO was forced out of Logica due to profit warning, because of an 18 month spending spree spearheaded by Read (approx 2billion yahoo finance) according to the guardian. He decided to accelerate his retirement plans because of this. Logica shares were worth £24 in 2000 and are currently trading at 106.50p.


MAX:- It appears that Martin Read lacked the foresite to jettison extensive spending on acquisitions by his company whilst the CEO of Logica, so how on earth will he be able to help the current public IT Projects?

It seems that if Read’s brief is to think the unthinkable, he is likely to spend more money and take even longer to deliver, I presume?


Do you know how much of your porn is extreme?

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What a response.

Pornography is a billion dollar industry and whilst there is someone willing to do almost anything for money and another willing to pay almost anything to see it, a fact of life.

The freedom to surf the internet is an empowering feeling, but this may be short lived for future generations. Illegal content will eventually lead to the demise of the freedom we experience in the Internet. People will need a digital licenses to be able to surf, which will be monitored constantly.

WHY? All because we can not moderate our behaviour.

The fact is that all laws need our respect no matter how much we disagree with them. These laws should be taught in schools from any early age, so that children grow into adults respecting the law.


London hospital loses 20,000 unencrypted patient files

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Mountain out of a mole hill ?

No it isn't. A lost Laptop can not be compared to losing a hardcopy file, its like losing the entire "Filing Cabinet", in fact 20 cabinets. Think about it!

Though NHS Staff need to be better educated on data security to be able to comply with the Data Protection Act, I believe that the IT Departments are really at fault. The IT department supply the laptops to the staff and they should have secured the laptops using Safeboot or any other encrypted software to ensure the data could not be viewed.

Would you be so forgiving, if a shop in the high street had left your credit card information for anyone to look at and use. When it started costing you money I fear not, then data protection would be very imfortant to you. If you care about protecting one form of data, then you have to care about all forms, no matter how trivial to you.

Data is protected for a reason, Would you like poeple to know if ?

1: You had an abortion when you were young

2: You had/have a drink/drugs problem

3: You have aids.

4: You have mental problems.

5: You have cancer, HIV.

6: You have had an STD

7: Your children are sexually active.

This is private information and is "TRUSTED" to the poeple who are there to help you. If the trust is not respected, the the patient may feel he/she does not want to disclose vitally important information to their Consultants/GPs/Nurses etc.

Data Security has to start with a well trained and educated ICT Department.

Max Lock

Its another Joke right ?

Trust spokespersons told the Reg that the data had only been placed on the laptops due to a "temporary problem" with the hospital's network, which has since been rectified.

MAX - Those temporary network problems sure can escalate !

“We believe the data will almost certainly be wiped by the thief so he can get a quick sale," speculated Astley.

MAX - I would imagine that the thief is less inclined to wipe anything other than his/her fingerprints?

"Nonetheless we owe it to our patients to protect their personal information and we have reminded our staff not to store this kind of data on laptops in the future. We have also set up a helpline for patients to ring for further information.”

MAX - yea, and to abide by the Data Protection Act in the first place. there are 2 crimes here.

The machines' drives were not encrypted. However, hospital staff were keen to stress that the laptops were "password protected".

MAX - yea, thats gonna slow them down alright. Order a pitza, by the time it arrives they be in.

"We could not anticipate a determined thief who was prepared to force open a filing cabinet and locked drawers," said Chief Executive David Astley.

MAX - Wow the determination of it all. Call me old fashioned, but thieves have always been determined, surely all of this was caught on internal security camera. Probably not due to the network problem?


NHS chief explains NPfIT delays

Max Lock

The NPfit project is losing direction.

The only benefit seen so far is that medical and none medical staff are able to find and book their holidays quicker, reunite with their friends online so they can boast of how much money the NHS is wasting on their salary, update their myspace/facebook pages and shop until they are ready to work. Another hard day on the Public Sector payroll eh?

AND OH YEA, perform the daily grind of seeing patients, booking referrals, probably not on Choose and Book and boosting the QOF figures so they can get paid more and in turn book more holidays, shop more, boast to their friends .......

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National Program for IT

Code name NPfit.

Fit for what ?

Migrating a clinical system is a bigger hurdle than the bureaucrats in the government, at the PCT, CFH or clinical software suppliers seem to realise. GPs are so reliant on their computer systems, they are left feeling naked when forced to work without it.

Someone will eventually make a mistake, the only question is what will be the cause? The NHS blame culture at the PCT will ensure it is not pointed towards the poor data migration from the old system to the new clinical system, or the fact that the Centralised System may have been unavailable (for whatever reason, spine etc) that day.

CFH website are disproving everything that has been written in the papers with their own propaganda webpage. Take a look.


They also seem to think they are under budget by £2.4B as they thought they would have spent £4.4B by now, well I would like them to answer this one. Has anyone of the projects been 100% been completed yet?

On a lighter side I read about the £1M for clean keyboards being ordered, did they forget that the mouse is also dirtier than the toilet seat. I have a model for sale, its only £129.00 per mouse, cheaper than the keyboard. Slightly copied from the Logitech, but has a germ proof membrane cover which although is aesthetical not very pleasing will make me more money than the "keyboard professor". I must go and order that cling film from Tesco and man the phone.


NHS orders mass keyboard clean-up

Max Lock


Some IT guru at the NHS read an article stating that keyboards are the new toilet seats for germs and decided to pull out the public cheque book yet again. Its not good enough that the public purse was used recently to replace keyboards during the current failing IT project for the NHS when Card Readers were required, but now it seems that NHS staff can't be bothered to wash their hands prior to using the PC keyboard and need a specialist germ proof keyboard.

Here's hoping that some fool from the NHS doesn't read that patients hold more germs than keyboards, otherwise we will only be treating a few people a year, now there's an idea!


NHS standardisation failed, says London CIO

Max Lock

A License to Print money

The NHS is a bottomless pit of money.

"Connecting for Health" are proud to state that the NPfit Contractors only get paid when they deliver, but how many payments have been made for interim software solutions installed whilst waiting for the troubled final solution and who will be picking up the bill to replace the interm software once the product is finally ready considering we have already paid once.

It is a bold project, a waste of public money and an unworkable solution and they are all to blame, the government, the CFH, the PCTs managers on the ground who grab all the money they can from the project, so they do not have to use there own budget replacing old IT equipment, they can waste their budget on something else. The LSPs who have been contracted to hold a monopoly on their area and stifle competition altogether.

Does anyone know if iSoft as an LSP actively promote Emis software, or vica versa? I would doubt it very much. This project was supposed promote competition by splitting up the country into sections, all that it has done is provided a monoply for the LSPs in the areas they have been given.

Now heres an idea, the NHS develops a backend system, but the patient holds their own data at all times, where ever the patient goes the data goes and can be read by the NHS backend. This needs to be worked on, give me 6 billion and I’ll get right on it.



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