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'Humvee of the Skies' robot air-car design unveiled


Functional design, not pretty

For all the fair wits who actually design aircraft, you can get more information from their website at www.frontlineaerospace.com It's indeed in early design, but it looks like a good innovation to meet military-defined resupply objectives. I'm not in favor of the suggestion that we simply let 'em die and send out more, unless it's that poster's family, not mine. The problem now is that to get the same amount of critical supplies like food, water, ammo to fellows under fire, it does indeed take a long time, with convoys of lorries or HUMVEEs, hitting IEDs and getting drivers captured. Yes, the literature says this means lots of quick sorties but at much lower risk. Not sure why the article says "most" aviation analysts question it. Of several websites I've searched to get more information, only one from a credentialed source is snide, and there is a reasonable reply. We'll see if it ever flies. It looks designed for a specific function, not to be pretty.


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