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Diesels greener than battery cars, says Swiss gov report

Nicholas Thomas


Article has good facts, but it's a shame about the tone in which they're presented.

Range issues aside (and they will be sorted eventually), all-electric drivetrains are far superior to to the manual setup.

Current diesels probably aren't at the absolute limits of efficiency, but they're reasonably close.

Average contribution from renewables in the UK is <10% or so, if I remember correctly - so I could reduce the carbon footprint of an all-electric car by 5-10 times(!) just by switching energy supplier /today/: http://www.ecotricity.co.uk/about/OurFuelMix/

We can make 'green' diesel too - biodiesel - but the electric tech is still superior (although the diesel still beats it in range, obviously) . And generating green energy doesn't cause food prices to shoot up in the same way that green diesel does.

Mind you, I'm still buying a petrol or diesel when I get my first car - the range is the real killer at the moment, since I'll mostly be using my car for extremely long trips.

If you're a commuter, chances are you're doing < 100 miles a day, and if you're buying your electricity from a company with a commitment to renewables /and/ future-proofing yourself, emissions-wise, an electric car is a good way to go.


Microsoft rubs Web 2.0 noses in SharePoint cash pile

Nicholas Thomas

By 'eck...

...that's a lot of licenses.


Hoon: Not building überdatabase would be terrorist licence to kill

Nicholas Thomas
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I emailed my MP...

...did you???

Anyway, EU directive 2006/24/E says nothing about a central database, it seems to be just the government getting an IT hardon again.


Intel UMPC chip enters service as server CPU

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RE: Labour costs

@ Bill: Since our Atom boards are a fixed spec, you bet there's a reduced setup cost. We can build them 5, 10 at a time, ship them to the data centre en masse and just turn them on as requested. Much less hassle than what needs doing with the value or hotswap servers (custom config, ship 'em one at a time, etc, etc)

Besides, the CPU is already seated in the motherboard. That saves 10 seconds per machine, right there! :p


Californian boffins find Elixir of Eternal Youth

Nicholas Thomas

Re: telomeres

Since the researchers were looking at stem cells (which express the telomerase enzyme), telomere shortening isn't an issue. Or so says my shiny new BSc. in Biology, at any rate.

Fascinating work, and it's no wonder it got a publication in Nature. I'll be following their work with great interest.



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