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NHS loses massive Microsoft licensing rebate


Seriously why do you guys...

... continue to post when you can't even understand that enterpise desktops are more than office and windows. Sure it may be possible to migrate everything, but stop pretending it would be either cheap or easy (or all open source).

I'm sorry sir, I'd love to look at your CT scan, but unfortunately a penguin replaced my computer and now I can't view them anymore ...

PC World punts Windows 7 £100 trade-in promotion


To save you going to the PC World site...

The conditions are "The store will value your laptop according to its age, condition and specification." and it also says "please speak to member of our staff for more details."

i.e. 1 laptop is not £100 and they aren't giving you any idea before you get there!

Gamer suspended from Xbox Live after saying she's gay

Jobs Horns

Re: Immaturity

Games consoles are frequently played by 'kids' right ... so immaturity is pretty much to be expected isn't it? And, as others have stated, it seems pretty sensible of MS to have explicitly banned the statement of sexuality for this very reason.

Not to say that immaturity amongst adults is not endemic in any anonymous forum ... except El Reg of course (ha ha).

Gamers voice NXE woes

Gates Halo

Re: Well...

To Marco and others, here's a little analogy for you. Just because you smoke and don't have cancer, don't mean smoking don't cause cancer.

My evidence is that my 2yr old console immediately RRoD after the download and install. No that doesn't mean the update caused the problem, but you've got to admit it's a pretty big coincidence (particualrly as it seems I'm not the only one).

I'm happy about it; after a few painless steps on the web site a nice friendly UPS man picked up my brick up and now I just have to sit tight and wait for a new one.

So kudos to Bill in this case ... now my only request is for all these x-box / ps3 fantools to just shut their collective pie holes until they've got something useful to say!

Microsoft slings Windows Home Server in OEM bargain bin


Re: Pointless

I actually think it is a pretty good product. The market is there - a household with a few PCs - but you may be right in thinking that the people who should be using it, just don't care (until their drives die).

There is a bit of propaganda here saying if it costs money (and is MS) it must be bad. But price and functionality wise, a pre-built WHS device and a fully featured NAS are fairly comparable. If you build it yourself of course it costs less if you don't buy SW, but it also costs more than people think if you want to build something with low power consumption.

I am tech savvy and am weighing up NAS v WHS and WHS is winning for me - it does what it needs to do and it can be tinkered with - it's w2k3 ffs!

* Am wearing my penguin proof flame retardant suit.

SanDisk Sansa Fuze


re: earphones

Why should I have to cover the cost of semi-average headphones that I am never going to use???? At least if they are junk it is only adding a few pence to the cost of the player. If anything, I wish they didn't include any headphones!

UK appeal court dismisses mod chip conviction


Re: Regioning could be fixed!

I think you'll find games consoles aren't "regioned" as such. They are tied to broadcasting standards: PAL, NTSC, SECAM et al. So I can play a game from Australia in the UK because they both use PAL. However, if you move out of one broadcasting standard (or want to LEGALLY import), you are stuffed.

There is no need for a complex scheme to "fix" it! It would clearly be easy to make a multi-standard console and doing this would have ZERO effect on piracy. But they'd rather screw as much money out of the RoW (i.e. PAL) customers instead.

If consoles weren't monopolies, I think you'd find the issue would go away. Look at DVD players; they've got to deal with mulit-regions and multi-standards, and somehow seem to do so with little difficulty...

Creative settles MP3 player capacity clash


Re: They're all wrong

Yes I had heard this before, but funnily enough, my Oz dictionary says a Billion as 10^12 is "becoming obsolete". I'm sure they don't mean all British though ... surely ...

But I like the 3rd definition - "a large amount" - as in, my 60GB MP3 player holds 60 large amounts of music.

Hotmail dies on both sides of the Atlantic


Oh my god ...

... I had been using Hotmail all day! And, oh my god, it has been through Outlook (another MS product). I feel so cheated.

Microsoft emails its staff to reassure Yahoos


@Tim Bates

You do understand the "genius/moron" shareholders you talk about who are suing Yahoo are only interested in getting the most for their money; right? That is their job! Not some technical (or looking at many people's comments, emotional) agenda about the rights and wrongs of it all!

These exclamations are great!

Pilot sacked for footie star on flightdeck shocker


@ Blackley (and Why is society losing it?)

When I was a kid in the 80's, like other people I was allowed up front into the cockpit of an international jetliner. Can someone tell me exactly how many airplanes have been hijacked and crashed because the flight crew voluntarily asked someone onto the flight deck? Under 10? Under 5? Under 1???

Society is the loser as we pointlessly suck all of the joy out of the world.

Desktop Linux: That dog will mount


Re: Flamers

It reminds me of the episode of Never Mind the Buzzcocks where Simon Amstell reads out sentences from Chantelle's "biography and Preston storms off. The truth hurts perhaps?


Microsoft puts a figure on open source 'patent infringements'


Not sure if this is the intention of the article or MS

As per previous posts, you could probably find patent infringement in all SW. I think you would also find most, if not all, major SW companies are involved in "discussions" over IP (Intellectual Property) with their competitors.

People obviously see MS and get a bit "tired and emotional", but legal battles over IP are standard practice (not just in the SW business). The interesting question is how the Open Source community will deal with IP issues?

I can't see how Opens Source is immune to IP. Love to see posts from anyone who knows ...

Asbo-breach octogenarian facing jail


Old ... oh she must be innocent

Kids are apparantly losing their manners and should be strung up; but if you're old and "cute", everyone's immediate belief is you are innocent? Hmmm, a nation of ageists ...

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