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King Arthur was English 'propaganda', French claim

Francis Offord

The ignorant Frogs go too far

When will those odious Frogs learn that King Arthur was more then the Arthurian Legend. Burn our Lamb, stop our convoys of beef, drown us in wine and dump the inefficiency of their farmers but do not mess with King Arthur. I shall personally acquire the Excalibur and decimate the feeble minded morons who pretend to be our equals. Come out of the dark ages and let us become TRUE members of Europe by declaring our independance from these peasants. Give us a leader of his standing and place them where they belong.

Motorola develops Kodak cameraphone

Francis Offord
Black Helicopters

Telling bones?

I'm probably unique in that I expect a mobile phone to be just that, not a mobile Discoteque, pjtographic studio, games room etc BUT, would it be better not to THROW things into such a delicate instrument in order to avoid damage?

RAF strafes Next in pirated duvet copyright rumpus

Francis Offord

Really! Wilberforce!!!

It is not actually recorded but the reason for the Air Force Blue was the unfulfilled order for the cloth, made by the Russians for a proposed new regiment in the 1910s. Subsequent to the revolution it was not required and had not been paid for. The British Military establishment decided to put it to use for the RAF uniform colour so we have had to put up with it since then, and as a time serving man I do mean "Put up with."

BBC deploys the Tw*t-O-Tron

Francis Offord

Pain in the brain

Sorry, this is all far too intellectual for me.


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