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Top Tory resigns on principle over 42 days bill

Kirsteen Fraser

Good on him

At least someone had the guts to do it, though how effective it will be is questionable seeing as he is only in the opposition not the actual "government". Don't see many of Labour's MP's rushing to hand their resignation in protest as they stick their heads back in the trough.

Its sickening we all have to rely on the House of Lords to protect the commoners which is meant to be the House of Commons job. Bastards.

Nintendo Wii US sales 3x PS3, Xbox 360

Kirsteen Fraser

Not a big surprise

Anyone who would be interested in buying GTAIV will have already bought either console in advance (I would) and it will be the same for RE5 next year. Both companies need to try harder the wii is popular because its more social and people to non-traditional gamers and families. And trying to play Wii play after the pub is always a laugh

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