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Top Tory resigns on principle over 42 days bill

John Hyslop

An example to the rest of them?

When I was a lad, there existed the concept of individual responsibility, which meant that if a Minister or his Department was found wanting, resignation was the honourable reaction. In these days of spinning, jargon - abusing, quasi - quango social engineering micro - managing, gravy train jumping, self - serving, retro neo - socialist, stealth wealth - distributing, power - abusing, Orwellianly arrogant (2 legs better, etc.), taxation - hungry, power - hugging, one rule for us another for you, buck - passing, debate - dodging, sound biters, isn't it refreshing that one of them (either side of the House) is prepared to act on a matter of principle? I'm sure the local party (as opposed to Con HQ) will support him and I'm delighted the LDs are showing their support for his stance by not standing against him. We can all only hope that his action encourages the rest of them (all flavours) to consider their personal values versus the party line: I doubt any of them would actually have voted out the Magna Carta! Good luck, sir.

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