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Librarian of child abuse networking site jailed indefinitely

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@A.C 09.02 and 09.41 20/08/08

Not all people that abuse/mutilate animals become serial killers but a sufficient number of serial killers started out with animals to consider such abuse as a significant precursor.

Not all people that choose to view child pornography will become paedophiles but a significant number of paedophiles possess child pornography.

A significant number of child abductions for sexual gratification end in the death of the child particularly if the abductor is a convicted paedophile.

When scouring the net you might inadvertently happen upon (I deliberately avoided ‘come across’) a dodgy site but would/should navigate away from it. You won’t get strung up for that.

If you deliberately visit such sites or create one to feed your need then you are on a slippery slope to who knows where?

Viewing images of a crime is a crime despite what AC is saying – if you are interacting with these people, no matter that it is just via the web, you may express an interest in something. If that ‘something’ isn’t catered for at that moment you can bet it will be soon. Was that ‘something’ sitting on someone else’s hard drive or was it made especially for you? Has another crime been instigated albeit ‘innocently’. How can deliberately viewing child pornography not be a crime? (barring for evidential purposes).

I’m sure a great many of The Register’s readers would not wish to attend a post mortem or a number of post mortems but a police officer has to. It’s just part of their job. Some can do it with no emotion, others can’t. It’s horses for courses. The same goes for those coppers that have to view images collected from suspected paedophiles. I know I couldn’t look at pictures or watch and listen to videos without a feeling of revulsion. It would then adversely effect how I would deal with the possessor of said items and then may cloud the issue at court. Sadly, someone has to do it.

Tasing of unarmed opposition peaks among firearms cops

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Facts not fiction


The Taser, in use by the filth in the UK, is carried in a state of readiness or 'patrol state'. You don't want to be fumbling, attaching the cartridge on the business end when it all goes tits up. Therefore the reported 'arcing up' is bollocks, it wouldn't happen even in Register World. If the thing is pointed at someone then they can be 'lit up' with the laser point, which I am told resolves most incidents without recourse to firing the Taser. It is the SOP to test fire it without the cartridge attached at the start of every shift and every firing of the Taser is logged in its internal memory.

If Tommy the Scrote reports that he has been 'Tasered', or even shouted at a bit loud then there will be a record of it in a statement or somewhere. Many custody staff are not police officers and many police officers are, probably quite rightly, looking out for number one so if Mr Scrote says he's been zapped then there are procedures in place. They are set down in law etc. Yes, shit does happen but usually to someone that deserves it. The police can never win where there is uninformed nonsense being written. The borders between the U.S and U.K seem to be getting very blurred here so we'd better call it Register Land where all coppers are bastards and will taser their own mothers to get promotion.

Top Tory resigns on principle over 42 days bill

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Pointless posturing

These suspects, if it were for a lesser offence, would have to be bailed, charged, remanded in custody or released without charge etc. However, due to the often complex nature of terrorist cases a period of 28 days was decided upon. This period can then be used to make further arrests and enquiries to root out the other people involved. Without this facility the 'terrorist' could not be lawfully questioned further except in exceptional circumstances.

They don't call them 'plotters' or 'conspiritors' for nothing as they can weave quite a web, which may take a while to investigate.

I do not know where this 42 day remedy came from but I am sure 99% of cases can be sewn up in the current 28 days.

It seems Brown had something to prove by winning this fight but what Davis will prove remains to be seen.

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