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Apple more closed than Microsoft


El Reg as Troll?

I'm soooo going to enjoy reading the comments to this one. Especially in the week when we saw Intego hype up an 'Apple says buy AV' and then once the band waggon had started rolling - "OOoops, sorry, turns out it, err, no, actually..."

Apple is closed and proprietary. Always has been. It's their model. That's how they do what they do - tight integration between hardware and software means everyone pays an 'proprietary tax'. But to say that Apple are less 'open' than Microsoft...

As someone who's developed on them since OS 4.2 I've found that the changes since the second coming, i.e. OS X, have been very refreshing. E.g. Darwin. And shipping free developers tools with every OS. And running X, Java, apache, mysql, sqlite, php, python and the entire BSD toolset out of the box. Feels quite open to me. What's the complaint really? OS X's not Unix? OS X's not Vista?

Is this about the iPhone API? Do end users really want an open system? Do they care? We can easily check - see if Android takes off. Are developers really suffering because of the 'closed' nature of iPhone APIs? Not judging by the App store take up, and earning. Yes, there's the % Apple take, but it's a damn site cheaper than self-marketing, and nothing like the markup that say digital river take.

What's more interesting, is that the breakdown in your responses doesn't match the market-share of Win vs Mac. We're not all fanboys, but even so I would have expected, despite the nature of El Reg's readership, there to be far fewer people au fait enough with the Mac OS development environment(s) to comment. Perhaps that a question worth an interpretation.

So apart from the admittedly (i.e. you admitted it) loaded question, was there any other useful tidbits in the survey? OR are we just stuck with this "who's coolaid is the best" competition? :-)

Apple tells Mac users: Get anti-virus


@ Steve Adams

> there have never been and there aren't ever going to be any

> viri/worms/malicious code anything for *nix systems.... ;-)

Sorry, and OS X would be a GUI running on top of which operating system?

Black hats attack gaping DNS hole


Oops - Nildram still vulnerable

Your name server, at, appears vulnerable to DNS Cache Poisoning.

All requests came from the following source port: 33542

Home Office to order fingerprinting of air passengers


@Ratz: Petition the PM on this

Have forwarded your link to the usual suspects. Don't think these things do any good in themselves, but you never know.

Screwgle™ - Google's new ad revenue model


so far, so cuil

Cuil.com seems to working now. Nice results section. Theough we'll see how long it takes before we get 'paid results' mind...

Top Tory resigns on principle over 42 days bill


BBC Coverage... shameful

Typical of that snivelling Robinson numpty - sidestepping the issues being presented (Tony Benn's comment about being in Parliament the day "Magna Carta was abolished sets the tone I think) and instead concentrating on how Davis vs. Cameron is 'just like' Brown vs. Blair. I think he would have been better just keeping schtum for once. I wonder what the real news will say about it? Hopefully looking forward to Mr Snow this evening...

I being to wonder if Nick Robinson actually understands that politics actually affects people lives and not just viewer ratings.

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