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Blade Runner house yours for $15m

matt beard

I'll take it

I just need your bank account number and sort code and i will transfer the monies immediately

DARPA seeks Hitchhikers Deep Thought program

matt beard

Can't help wonder if they had just read 'Blink'?

I remember reading that book 'Blink' by that bloke Malcolm Gladwell a while ago, (according to some Register journalist this makes me a dumbo but i knew that anyway).

Anyway, i sort of remember the book generally arguing the point that human decision makers end up getting it wrong more often if they have too much superfluous infomation to deal with so this seems to echo the conclusion that condensing or ignoring vast junks of 'drivel' should improve them (or summin or nuthin). Funnily enough, i also remember it describing some top military projects (possibly using DARPA) creating massively complex intelligence information systems at the displosal of army generals that they pitted against one vietnam vet general in a war game in 2000. Needless to say apparently he kicked their arse with a third the information available and they subsequently still gave the project the go ahead and used it in Iraq (don't quote me on that).

kinda makes me wonder if they are just using that same 'intelligence' system, updating it so it can now watch TV, & calling it a posh new name to keep the old pennies rolling in? sounds like a bit of fun actually.

mine's the white lab coat and matching crazy hair attachement - cool!

Dissolving the plastic bag problem

matt beard

I'll get my coat....

Mine's the plas... oh... where's it gone?

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