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Well, what d'you know: Raising e-book prices doesn't raise sales


Re: eBook sellers are dinosaurs

Is Amazon's Kindle Unlimited not available in the UK? Readers seem to be all for it but authors in Kindle Unlimited recognize that they are getting screwed now that they are paid by the page read. It also requires the books be exclusive to Amazon. In the Romance genre at least, Kindle Unlimited authors are making about 50% compared to even modestly priced ebooks. And if you don't put your books in Kindle Unlimited then you will find your sales dropping since your books no longer show up in the "If you liked that you'll like this" results.

Net neutrality: Cisco, Intel, IBM warn FCC NOT to crack down on ISPs


Re: Easily demystified

I reason it like this. There is no way I will ever have enough money to influence large corporations and their job isn't to assure my well being. The government can be forced (maybe) to look after my well being since that is its purpose and I have a vote however watered down it is. My vote along with enough other like minded citizen's votes make it possible, however unlikely, to change the government.

It may not be much of a difference but I'll go the government route.

Yes, I still have the slightest sliver of hope left, maybe I'm just a fool.

Beer, because it's my Friday.

VMware: Yep, ESXi bug plays 'finders keepers' with data backups

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VMware has been dropping the ball a lot lately. This is not the first or worse problem they have had with no resolution in sight.

Hey, non-US websites – FBI don't have to show you any stinkin' warrant


Re: A USA Inc marketing ploy?

big_D: They are wrong to think that makes it legal; what they need is a warrant issued in the country where the servers are!

This should be the correct answer.

Cloud? Nah, we're not bothering with that, say HALF of enterprises

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Or maybe we just don't want it because we see the inherent flaws in it?

UK govt preps World War 2 energy rationing to keep the lights on


Re: Sums up

batfastad "Totally sums up politics in this country. No long term plan, no constructive discussion, just relentless bickering between opposition and government. A new bunch come in and immediately start undoing everything done before, just because they were Red and we are Blue."

If it makes you feel any better we here in the USA are in the same boat (and sinking fast).

Migrating to Windows Server 2012


Re: 2012

After working with Server 2012 for a few months now I can say 2012 (R2 for me) is actually a pretty good OS and has a lot of nice features if you just stop be adverse to change.

As for PowerShell, right, like various *nix scripting languages are a walk in the park. PowerShell actually makes a lot of sense and if you take the time to learn it you can do a lot with very little typing.

Bank of England plans to shove cyber-microscope up nation's bankers


Re: Banks are all the evil that exists in the World

Gordon 10 "Grow up you child."

Just because his statement is simplistic is no reason to insult him. Banks of late do seem to have caused a lot of trouble and don't seem to be accountable for it.

While I do not necessarily avoid them, I have no need of bank, and that is a good thing. Assuming I could make my employer pay me by check drawn on a local bank I could have no interactions with any bank.

I guess that is the point of saying they are evil, we are forced to use them and other things we might not want to use, for someone else's profit. That makes us dependent on people or institutions that we might not want to be dependent on, or maybe shouldn't be dependent on.

600 school sysadmins sacked in New South Wales


Re: That sounds like American politics...

Just provide a counter-counter-point. The fact that a "job advert" is a collection of written words (book) your ability to read a book is expected.

SCIENCE explains why you LOVE the smell of BACON


Re: Yank my chain

The 1992 and 1993 Toronto Blue Jays might take issue with that statement.

Microsoft's murder most foul: TechNet is dead


As a loyal, mostly, Microsoft Systems Administrator since the NT3.51 days all I can say is, thanks Microsoft.

Thank you for the good article Trevor.

FLABBER-JASTED: It's 'jif', NOT '.gif', says man who should know


As a former CompuServe employee...

I can tell you that everyone that I worked with at CompuServe pronounced it with a soft G.

Has any employer ever delivered the training it promised?


I guess I have been somewhat lucky, mostly of late. In the last 19 years in IT I have had 5 employers and from four of them I have taken five paid classes that I consider worth my time and their money. That being said one of them I sort of sneaked into and another was as much for their benefit as mine. My current employer is the best as I have been here 2.5 years, had two classes and fully expect to have a third before the end of the calendar year but we have an IT budget that most can only dream of.

I am NOT a PC repair man. I will NOT get your iPad working


Re: My excuse...

I used to fix PC for folks but it isn't worth it, they always come back. Now I tell them I'll do it for $200 an hour with a four hour minimum. I've never had anyone take me up on it but for $800, I'll reset a cable modem.

VMware promises better security, considers scheduled patches


Re: VMware lol


Gov claims 'password protection' OK for sensitive docs


They never learn

Some people are incapable of learning from their mistakes.

iRobot Roomba 560 robot vacuum cleaner


Must have gotten a bad one or something.

I have had three different models of Roomba's over the last 6 years and I acquired the 560 about 7 months ago and it cleans just fine. Yes, you do have to rearrange a few things but once you do the Roomba cleans unattended. I find that it actually cleans better than a regular vacuum cleaner as it cleans more often. By running it often you don't fill up the bin as much and it can go for a week or so without emptying. If you don't like to vacuum then the Roomba is a good buy. I just wish it climbed stairs.

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