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BNP DDoS 'mega-assault' not actually mega in the least



> The present course will mean Bye, Bye to Britains present culture and language ...

The english language, binge drinking and football are all dying out ... ha ha ha ha ha ha ...

Joke Alert, because well, with the BNP you can't do anything but imagine that they're trying to be ironic. But alas, they are not ... :-(

IR35 tax is a huge failure

Dead Vulture

Re: Pathetically Biased Article

This news is doing the rounds, but this particular version is a straight out lie. The £9.2 million is tax from HMRC "compliance" only and doesn't include all the people who have agreed they are covered by IR35.

There is plenty of scope for critisising IR35 when it catches out true freelancers, the cost of this compliance and the fact that the govermenent is probably not making anywhere near what they said they would from it. Of course that would take effort to research and not just involve regurgitating a press releases. But I guess we shouldn't really expect too much from The Daily Mail web site ... err, I mean The Register ...

Billy Bragg: Three-strikes lobbying is 'shameful'

Paris Hilton

@ Dennis

You don't like someone's music because of the image they portray (even though you haven't heard them). Ironic as that is, the "really" ironic thing is that given the way things are going, one of the few avenues left for musicians (a term I use loosely) to make cash is to sexualise / celebritise their image and make money off 'the back' of that!

I know this isn't a new tactic for the labels, but is that what we really want - the only new music being available is someone that can physically merchandise themselves??? And yes Jeremy, Madonna is a perfect example of that.

We (the artists, labels and listeners) seriously need to find an Internet enabled way of allowing artists to earn a living off of their work, or the Idiocracy will continue to evolve.

Paris ... for obvious reasons.

Pirate Bay loses trial: defendants face prison time, hefty fines


Re: Interesting

Or perhaps it could point to the fact that they were so legally indefensible even incompetents could prove them guilty?

One can only hope that the content owners now step up to the plate and start taking digital distribution more seriously. This particularly applies to the distribution of content that is physically (digitally?) not accessible to you no matter what you do - things like TV shows. If no network wants to show something in your area, sell it to us directly for God's sake!

UK butterfly numbers hit hard


Re: Conservationism ...

So I assume you believe biodiversity isn't very important either? I'm not sure Darwin would be on your side for that one ...

Windows Home Server fixes bugs with Power Pack 2


Re: Linux vs Windows

So you are saying Windows 2003 is probably OK, but users will cock it up when the screw around with it? As opposed to Linux which a user can equally cock up as they have even less idea what they are doing? Oh the RAID failed ... it must be the users fault ...

If the user really doesn't know WTF they are doing surely they should actually be using WHS as it works out of the box (and is pretty secure) without any messing around? You've got to realise, it is actually a tiny minority of people who give a flying fuck about how these product work.

Sure soaklord is silly to say "but can linux do this?", of course it can. But to come and critisize a WHS service release without knowing anything about it, let alone using it, just seems a bit sad. There is nothing wrong with Linux, but WHS also does a very very good job at backups and can also do the other stuff mentioned (at not much cost and all with it's 'silly' point-and-click interface).

A grim day for browser security at hacker contest


Re: Anyone manage...

> To break Lynx? Thought not :)

I bet there was plenty worn there though!!!

New Windows virus attacks PHP, HTML, and ASP scripts


Re: c'mon

Amen to that! I seem to remember posting something similar myself - but perhaps I just typed it out and closed the window in a huff ...

@amanfrommars - The post you congratulated is exactly the kind of thing that is interesting to read. Perhaps you could also start thinking through your own posts a bit more in future ...

IWF rethinks its role

Paris Hilton

@ Fifi

"There's no need to introduce a new law, which marginalises and criminalises ordinary people going about their daily business."

Paris is confused about what daily business ordinary people are getting up to. Perhaps she is closer to the "normal folk" than she ever thought ...

Pirates pee on Amazon's MP3 parade


@ Daniel ... really getting off topic here ...

... but it frustrates me no end when pedants continue with pedantry when they are clearly clueless of the context of their pedance (I think I may have just made that word up).

You are saying "the OED is wrong" and "has nothing to do with it"!?!

Theft may well be a "legally defined term" (whatever that means), but guess what, we're not in a court of law! If you hadn't noticed there isn't anyone here with a curly wig or a hat shaped like a tit! We are in the comments section of a third rate digital rag, where I think the dictionary takes precedence (though the use of a dictionary is fairly optional as well)!

Arrgh me hearties, I'm off to pirate some software and thieve some music from those prissy modern rockstaaarrrgghhss!

Inside Microsoft's 'New Xbox Experience'

Gates Horns

Re: I smell a rat...

No ... my console really did RROD. Screen corruption and screeching sound ... I got 'em.

Surely it 'ain't coincidence my console immediately started crashing once the update was installed? Bill better give me a new one ...

Thumb Down

The update RROD'd my Console

Any one else have this happen?

Down the plughole it goes ... (I mean back to Game).

BBC's speak you're branes collapses under Brand-Ross sex outrage


Other than the total ...

... ridiculousness of this shitstorm over nothing, I find it quite ironic that people complaining about bullying and "unfunniness" are quite happy to stroll right in with a bit of "humour" about a speech disability. Isn't there a law about that kind of thing?

The second ironic part? Nobody seems to mention that "Manuel" himself is really only known for acting in a role that, these days, would be considered a racist stereotype.

Frankly I'm not offended by any of the above, but I guess it just proves the old adage "when BA jets land, you can still hear whining after the engines have been switched off".

Microsoft breaks IE8 interoperability promise

Dead Vulture

Re: Slightly unfair

Same here - no IE7 in current workplace. Previous workplace migrated after a long test period. Exactly how many workplaces have not standardised on IE???

El Reg, I think it is about time you took your beak out of your date and got some fresh air. These ongoing bitchfests about MS, the evil of renewable energy, PS3s, iPhones, these poor poor thieving pirates, etc. etc. are getting seriously tiresome.

Barclays to scrap 1,800 UK tech jobs


@ AC Re: Contractors rates

"Barclays have asymetric notice periods for contractors (4 weeks them to you, contractors not able to get out of a contract before it ends)"

That is a common clause in the boilerplate of most agents (not specific to Barclays). But you do realise you can change those clauses before you sign it, right? Your agent will whinge, but changes should be accepted if not outrageous.

DOJ sinks another EliteTorrent admin


Re: Disturbing ?

The only disturbing thing about all this is that nobody seems to care these people were openly and brazenly breaking the law. Oh, but of course, to all us white collars it's OK 'cos "nobody got hurt".

Mines the trench coat with the sledgehammer hidden inside - just off to smash a window to steal that nice plasma I had my eyes on ... hmmm, do you think I can carry that 50 incher?

eBayer slaps $714 price tag on $630 in cash

Gates Halo

The irony is ...

... this article is actually about Microsoft Live Search having to buy users, yet all the comments are about how bad E-bay is. Have E-bay really sunk THAT low? It can't really be Saint Bill Gates time, surely?

Top Tory resigns on principle over 42 days bill


Re: "Grandstanding?" Biased much?

I think "grandstanding" is a pretty good way to describe quitting and immediately restanding in a safe seat ... umm, when he wins, what exactly has that proven?

Labour and Lib Dems have already called the bluff and are not opposing. Hopefully no nut-job independents will oppose, and he will win by default; saving us all a lot of cash that would otherwise have been flushed unceremoniously down the toilet.

PS I think this legislation is a disgrace, but grandstanding and wasting taxpayer money isn't exactly something to be proud of.

Labour isn't working for IT contractors


@@ Oh stop moaning

There is a massive difference between running a small business and being an individual IT contractor, which is what the article actually seems to be about.

IT contractors carry risk, but they are paid more than permises and reap huge tax benefits comparitively (that's without even considering things like off-shoring). I suggest stop the whinging and make the effort not to get caught up in IR35 (it ain't hard). And if you don't like being a contractor (or your job has become a commodity), become a permie and start paying real taxes!

PS To the poster regarding labor voters in IT; trust me, there are more than two!

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