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Dear Obama: Please consider open-source a waste of your time



Unfortunately there is the real issue of moving over to opensource when you are firmly entrenched in a Windows culture. I work in support for desktops and servers for many thousands of NHS workers, and I can honestly say than you could probably tell them that you're going to upgrade them to the next version of windows, and install linux instead. They wouldn't know any different with KDE on. Seriously, most desktop users really don't care. There is a lot of truth though about the customized applications for windows desktop and server that would make any kind of migration a nightmare.

It could be done and would take a government mandate to force the issue. It would be a painful transition to OSS but I firmly believe it would be a better move than sticking with Microsoft in the long run. However, I've yet to see any realistic migration plan from an OSS community that would allow a large organization or company to migrate to OSS and it not cost an arm and a leg in support in the short term. Short term pain, long term gain. This isn't the mentality of world culture anymore. If it was then we wouldn't be facing the credit crunch. Something has to change and government policy is a good place to start.


UK cops arrest six alleged BitTorrent music uploaders


Buy direct from the seller?

Music companies create too much law and have too much power.

A good idea would be to remove the power in the first place by not giving money to artists who use the main distributers and buying direct from the source instead. That way the distributers wouldn't get wealthy and monopolistic enough to have this much power. Simple as that. If we can't buy from the source, then we don't buy.

Anyone know of any sites that offer a "buy direct from the artist" with an option to listen to the music beforehand? Might be nice to see what else is out there that isn't mainstream.

In this digital age I really don't see the point in some environmentally unfriendly piece of plastic that can only hold 20 songs on it anyway.



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