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$8.2m study to probe medical benefits of videogames

Drew Crecente

Non-Traditional video game uses

Just last week my non-profit organization announced the winner to our first video game contest. The idea was to create a flash-based video game about Teen Dating Violence without the use of violence. Here's the link if you're interested: http://www.jenniferann.org/2008_game_contest_winners.htm

We received a fair amount of publicity mostly due to the novel (to some) concept of using video games to contribute to the "Social Good." It continues to surprise me that many don't recognize the value that video games can play in affecting positive change. Hopefully studies such as this will help to sway public opinion about the place that gaming can play in our society.

Drew Crecente

Director, Jennifer Ann's Group


ps. the HEART for my daughter, Jennifer Ann Crecente, whom the organization is named for; murdered at the age of 18 by her ex-boyfriend.



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