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Heaviest Virgin Media downloaders face new daytime go-slow


This is disgraceful

i am currently a virgin media customer and have been for many years prefering cable over adsl.

Why in this country must we be constantly ripped off by companies who are out to rip us off.

I subscribe to virgins 20mb service which costs me £38 a month and at certain times i can download more than 1GB an hour if i get a good connection, mind you i am not sure i am getting 20mb all the time, most of the time i speed test i get 15mb tops.

But what annoys me most is that virgin trots out all these figures about how only between 1 and 5% of people will be affected after so called research, yet i have on many occasions asked virgin for this research and come up blank.

I suspect alot of users that abuse the system are on the 2mb(m) or 10mb(l) cheaper rates and what virgin should do bump them up to the more expensive 20mb(xl) package or limit their speeds and hands off the people who are actually paying for the right to download massive amounts of data hence why i paying for £38 for a 20mb(xl) service.

And the problem is only going to get worse as virgin is running out its 50mb service between now and christmas.

So excuse me but virgin cant handle people with 20mb downloading what are 50mb users going to be like???

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