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Heaviest Virgin Media downloaders face new daytime go-slow

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sky will refund new bt line cost

This is for people that have virgin broadband and say they'd have to pay £123 for a new bt line to be installed to use another provider.

It turns out that sky will actually refund you the new line cost if you choose to use them.I will be cancelling my virgin media contract and going with sky for broadband from tomorrow.

My virgin broadband speed is still terrible,I got an engineer out and they tried to make it out that it was a fault with my pc.Which is strange as I had no problems with the house I was living in before!

chris woodhead

not impressed with virgin

John brindley wrote "It's kinda hard when you don't have a BT line. Cue £150+ installation fee, £15ish a month line rental on top of your ADSL bill. Now see why I'm stuck with Virgin."

I had the same problem.Moved into a new house that im renting and it didn't have a bt line installed.I rang bt and was told it would cost me £123 to have one installed.I cant justify spending that in a house that I dont own.

So I went with virgin.I had my installation on wed(its now sunday) and i'm having serious problems:having to reset my modem all the time(they haven't even sent me my router yet) and my speed is very slow

1382 kbps

1269 kbps

645 kbps

1376 kbps

They are from a so-called 4meg service.

An engineer is coming out and if it isn't sorted after that I will cancel my contract with them.

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