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Average UK broadband just over half advertised speed

Shaun Clarke

No other industry...

I've been a Telewest / Virgin customer for years, It sickens me that the "fair usage policy" penalises me for using a service I pay for. In my view the answer is simple - OVERSUBSCRIPTION. Providers cannot provide the bandwidth to all their customers on the books - especialy during peak hours - which funnily enough is when most people want to use it - but if I do use it my speeds are restricted by 75% for 5 hours - so not quite unlimited is it.

Other industries wouldn't get away with this - imagine walking into a pub and the price list stating £2.50 for upto a pint of lager - depending on how busy we are you may only get a half.

Someone needs to have a word - I feel like I'm being robbed.

Heaviest Virgin Media downloaders face new daytime go-slow

Shaun Clarke

LimIting Unlimited Services

May I remind everyone that Virgin state their service is "unlimited"!!! May I suggest that this "throttling" excersice is a policy set in place due to "over subscription" - thus not being able to provide the bandwidth "purchased" to everyone when they most want it - "Peak Hours" 5pm-9pm!!!

I have tackled this with Virgin who did eventually compensate me by giving me the 4mb service for for £17 month - £1 month less than I was paying for the 2mb service.

I think that if say Manchester United fans were turfed out of the ground at half time to let in a whole new crowd of supporters in to watch the second half because the club had sold twice as many tickets as they hads seats - this would not be seen as "fair usage" policy.

Dont Bend over and take it deep - TELL EM!!!

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