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No snapping: Photographers get collars felt

Ruairi Newman

What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander indeed.

"As New Labour increasingly looks to pry into every detail of our private lives, some sort of reciprocal right to peer into theirs seems only fair, doesn't it?"

Were i in a position to make decisions on monitoring the general public, and had myself been subject to the invasions of privacy and harrassment routinely carried out by the British tabloid media, I would be very much inclined to say "fuck 'em, see how they like it".

French cough in to filthy restaurants

Ruairi Newman
IT Angle

@Anonymous Coward 16:15 GMT

No doubt you're a proponent of Californian wine... while good for cooking, one wouldn't want to be seen comsuming it in civilised company.

Open Wi-Fi network wraps Mumbai man in bomb blast probe

Ruairi Newman

@Dodgy Geezer

Hear, hear. And while we're at it, we can insist that the Brits call Derry by it's proper name too.

Firefox 3 Download Day falls flat on face

Ruairi Newman


No problems here running FF3RC2 on Windows XP SP2, Ubuntu Linux 8.04, or OS X 10.5.3... perhaps your problem is Vista?

Red Hat cancels one-click world domination effort

Ruairi Newman

The flaw ...

... is in targeting SMEs. These are the biggest software pirates in the world, whether or not individual organisations are aware of it. In my experience dealing with SMEs, many seem to believe that buying a single copy of a certain office suite entitles them to install it on every computer they own. A company who are happily chugging along chock-full of pirated MS software are not going to be inclined to actually PAY for legitimate open source software support.

Ofcom asks ISPs nicely to stop mis-selling broadband on speed

Ruairi Newman

Is it really the fault of OfCom...

... if they are not given sufficient authority to go in heavyhanded and crack down on the offenders?

Microsoft urges Windows users to shun 'carpet bombing' Safari

Ruairi Newman

Pissing contest

It's a little pointless to criticise Microsoft for releasing a security advisory when they are correct. That they wouldn't release a security advisory detailing the bugs in various other commercial products that run on Windows, a well-known PDF-reader for example, just shows that they're taking the opportunity to get a dig in at a rival too, something Steve Jobs can't really complain about as he's done it himself countless times.

It would be nice btw, to see just one Apple-related post where all people who can't afford a Mac didn't take the opportunity to vent their bitterness over the fact. I am a long-standing (14-years) Linux user, and a more recent Mac user (2 years), but I don't see the need to flame Windows users every chance I get.

Flame because I'm sure I will be.

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