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Debt collection can be harassment, rules court

Francis Davey

.... but would it still be if it was justified

I did blog about this 2 weeks ago, so well done for catching up :-):


In this case British Gas were quite wrong about the debt (this is a well known problem that has existed for some time in their system for removing customers from their database) but what if they had not been? A more interesting question (raised by Lord Justice Jacob's comments) is when does trying to collect a debt lawfully owed become harassment?

Wikipedia self-flagellates over vanishing 'farmsex'

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No detail: no use

You don't give nearly enough detail to allow an observer to sort out whether your report is fair or not (and the register does have a track record for being anti WP). For instance a link to Buckner's user page so we can try to followup the ostensible reasons for his being blocked (and see whether we think there is a conspiracy or not). If he's your only source, we may be getting a warped view, but we can't tell because you don't say enough.

Poor show.

King Arthur was English 'propaganda', French claim

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very odd

Yes, it does seem rather odd to suggest that the English made up a folk hero whose most important exploit was to beat them up and prevent them from dominating England for a century.

Economist: girls actually better than boys at maths

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It all depends....

Amazingly articles like this report research which appears to be totally innocent of very serious work that has been done on the subject of gender in mathematics education.

Many years ago Hilary Shuard noted that if you looked at what British children were able to do between (say) 9 and 14, girls and boys were able to do well different things. There appeared (at the time) to be a fast shift between girls' mathematical ability relative to boys between primary and secondary school, but on examination this turned out to be a change in the kinds of tasks that were given to the children: girls being better at computation tasks (like long multiplication) and boys better at tasks such as equation solving.

So: that tells us that "mathematical ability" is rather more complicated. In the British environment, computation is what is taught at primary level and the teaching is massively female dominated. That may be enough to explain the gender bias in mathematical skill noted.


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