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Sony e-book reader to debut in UK tomorrow

Thumb Down

Light and portable

for the sticky fingered as well no dobut.

No one has ever tried to half inch one of my Pratchett paperbacks..........

America.com auction fails to hit cash target


@John Macintyre & @Mark Johnson

I am sure George Dubbaya has already got a secret dossier blaming alkeeeedaaa for the recession.

Also it wouldn't surprise me if the UK governement hasn't already bought that domain ;-)

Mines the expensive looking one that I got for a couple of quid on ebay

The New Order: When reading is a crime


Fahrenheit 451 / 911

Gordon Brown can rename the police to become 'firemen' and they can meet me in the carpark where I have collected a nice pile of books. Better throw the PC on there as well, cos I could use it to access reading material. See you all in our blooming utopian society.

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