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Wii Fit fall woman turns into nympho

John Hicks


Not anywhere can I find a picture - we need to know whether we should "audition" for the role of superstud!

Come on El Reg - hook us up with a picture and a email address / phone number!

Intel's redemos six-core Gulftown

John Hicks

THG got their hands on one.

Dont know whether this will make it past the moderatrix, but Toms Hardware Guide got their hands on one and benched it.


May be worth updating the story with the clocks from there.

SuperTalent adds Ram to SSD to boost write speeds

John Hicks

Where to buy?

Anyone seen a UK retailer/e-tailer?

Sony says yes to in-game PS3 adverts

John Hicks

For irony's sake and angered fanboys.....

Anyone want to chip in for a "Buy a 360" advert to go on GT4?

Heaviest Virgin Media downloaders face new daytime go-slow

John Hicks

I've just run some numbers and....

I'm on a 2 meg line - yeah my parents wont pay for more!

Now if my maths is right (which it may not be - had a few to drink!) then during the evening i can only download 25.6kBytes/sec in order to avoid reaching the cap. Thats no incentive - i'd rather bang through 450 meg ASAP and get the 5 hour cap on and go on downloading at 100kBytes/sec.

Seems a bit crappy to me that the cap extends outside of the limited hours. If I get home from 8pm and start streaming video - my connection will be capped well into the night. Surely then its better to make sure something downloads while i'm at work so I can get the cap off as soon as possible - after all, getting the cap is inevitable!

Telewest was never this bad - bloody beardy branson.

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