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Be Unlimited pulls plug on home CCTV service

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BE unlimited

I've recently started with BE internet and after humongous problems with BT Internet and previously 7 years flawless access with NTL(it went to pot soon after they re-branded to Virgin). BE runs much faster than did BT & I can download or upload whatever I want at good speeds, very very generous bandwidths.

BE are a good ISP, their tech support, took about a day and a half via email (it wasn't an urgent problem) and they replied and had it sorted within hours later.

So, not quite perfect, but very good.

Don't be so harsh on BE.

I've never seen the point in that home security/monitoring solution either, there's plenty of other methods and software that do a great job.

My 2 $$'s.

Heaviest Virgin Media downloaders face new daytime go-slow

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Virgin arghh!

I had been with NTL/Virgin for almost 8 years, right when they first launched their broadband service here, I had awesome fast service right up until 2007, then they started capping the service so bad and I'm not even that heavy a user, it got even worse this year from January up until April I was getting completely cut off, as soon as I fired up utorrent, 30 secs later, at any time of day, the speed dropped hit 0, then I'd be completely cut off until the next morning. That happened most of the time, when it did work, I was receiving about 10k/sec at best, but mostly I was going without ANY service from around 4.30pm until early hours of the morning.

In the end I had enough, I switched told them where to stick it and now as much as I dislike BT as well, I'm getting almost twice the speed as I paid with Virgin(but never got)on BT and only throttled from around 4pm to 9pm and even then I still get a couple of hundred k/sec. However since I do most downloading overnight, it runs happily full speed and reliably.

So I'm happier now. Virgin now, ABSOLUTELY TOTALLY suck.

Don't go near 'em.

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