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2008's top three netbooks


To each its own...

Like W says above, every glove has its hand... or a car its driver... or a netbook its owner!

From all those *I have seen* I must say that the 901/1000 would be my choice, followed by the Wind and the Acer as 3rd.

Like I commented in the SSD article, the one I will end-up buying for me will have a 10" screen, >16GB SSD, >1GB RAM and most importantly >8h battery. It just has to be priced right and allow for each upgrade and customizations. The 1002H might fit my specs, but price and battery life are still to be assessed.

I still haven't seen the NC10, but unless it comes out with an SSD it might not be an option for me... unless one can replace the disk with a sata ssd without voiding the warranty!


Netbook SSD usage to fall under 10% in 2009

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SSC without SDD make no sense...

Like it was said above, an netbook/ssc without the SSD make no sense... the think is supposed to be your ultraportable platform not your main computer.

The disk just adds weight and heat!!

Fast SSD are the solution, like those that are starting to appear as after market replacements for the EEE. I can leave perfectly within 16GB, I have done it with an old celeron lappy which had a 15GB disk.

I am just waiting to see when an affordable 10", 16GB SDD, 1GB RAM netbook arrives... with >8h battery live!

PS: The EeePC 701 is a perfect machine, my wife has one and she loves it. I use it from time to time to check email from the couch and it's perfect for that purpose.


International copyright talks seek BitTorrent-killer laws


@quick, simple, easy answer - and it is wrong

" The reason I do NOT do that and WILL NOT do that is simple - once that book is digital, it is GONE, and I'll never make a cent on it again, ever. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? "

This is not exactly correct. It all depends... on the quality of your work and on the size and interest of the market! I can give you the example of Bruce Eckel's books... I bought some of them after I have downloaded (and read) them for free and legally; I have also bought other books after I have read them (not so legally). Obviously there are books which I have tried to read I haven't bought.

I think Stephen King did the best test when he released one of his books online, chapter by chapter and did something like US$750,000... without any of it going to the publisher and other middle-persons!

IMHO, copy right should give the right to be only one receiving credit and compensation for the commercial exploration of your work! These days many authors don't get it because their work is considered "work for hire"!



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