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Welcome to Las Vegas - Home of the technology superpower you've never heard of

Andrew S.
IT Angle

This is a joke, right?

The interviewer seems all taken with the security. Jeez, get out and do a little research next time.

Switch actually let him drive his car up to the building. Security risk! One place in Virginia, USA, - Server Vault - has the Rambo wannabe guards, and everything he mentioned (plus metal detectors to even get to the man trap). But they don't even let guests drive onto the lot. Park outside, and walk in.

Heck, I can point to six datacenters run by Equinix, Savvis, ATT, Verizon within 5 miles of one another, who all have similar security and network access. Duh, big deal.

Shoot, if you are in Vegas, you missed out on the most secure datacenters around - those that the casinos use! Casinos have money, and have some of the most interesting IT shops around.

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