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Accused Pentagon hacker prosecution could backfire

Jay Lawrence

A Sign of Things to Come

I think we should all use this long ongoing horrific misjustice as a clear example of how far we have let our Governments' do whatever the hell they want.

To me it appears like yet another fear generation technique, I could go and murder 5 people and get less time in prison than Gary McKinnon is expecting to receive. Scapegoat? Most definately, I've heard of serial rapists who have had shorter prison terms.

This is clearly a travesty of justice and it's quite simply to deter anyone from trying in future, what I don't understand is, why they would allow someone from China, for example, to access this data and then prosecute one of our "western alliance's" own citizens.

Now the question I think you should be asking is rather not why they have done this, but what are they hiding from their own people.

Is it as clear cut as hiding their own technical illiteracy and inadequacy or do they fear the fact we may one day lift the veil of mass deceit, control and manipulation that has covered our eyes for at least 50 years?


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