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Welcome to Las Vegas - Home of the technology superpower you've never heard of


1500 watts a foot?

If they are really at 1500 watts per foot they have to be using something other than cold air and hot aisle containment. Cold air stops being effective, even in a pressurized environment, between 350 and 400 watts a foot. Perhaps they're using DC power. Or perhaps they're building out mechanical and electrical plant only and will let customers install portable units which tap into the Switch power and cold water infrastructure and convert the power to DC in the portable, allowing them to get to 1500 watts per foot. The power bill alone at $.07 per kw hr would be around $3k a month. How much money are they spending to build this super nap? There is no way they are able to offer lower pricing on a per rack basis if they are really 1500 watts a foot. That is 7X more dense than Equinix's most dense site. In theory it should be priced 7X what Equinix charges. The other thing that doesn't make sense is that Vegas is not a big peering location....most of the traffic is backhauled to LA or the SFBay.

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